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  1. Wow thats so amazing thefrenchiestfry This has also helped me so much, as iv been in the same situation for ages!! Its so lovely that your together now x
  2. Hey Guys, Iv experienced this before i felt so low that i made my decision of leaving but before i did i spoke to other people i worked with and mentioned how i was getting treated and they agreed with me! I then spoke to my manager when i gave my notice to leaving and said i like what i do but i feel like I'm getting treated unfairly and he didn't really think he was in the wrong until i mentioned how other people agreed with me. Everyone has a right to feel safe at their workplace, we shouldn't feel like this. I hope this helps a little bit, because its so good to share your feelings and not keep them in Also maybe look for other jobs before leaving so you can go onto a job and not be unemployed for a while as i made that mistake and didn't have a job for a bit.
  3. lolly


    WOW such an amazing video!!! :')
  4. Hey I'm Lolly, I'm from the UK, I'm mostly on here to get some advice
  5. Yeah i think I'm going to! Thank you so much Jake x
  6. So iv seen someone online, we've been like liking each others photos and adding each other on snapchat and other social medias but i want to speak to him but I'm so nervous and don't want to be so clinging. anyone else feel like this?
  7. Im bullied about what i wear and people are commenting on my photos, its bothering me. Does anyone else get this?
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