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  1. Hi Michelle, I have bad stretch marks on my thighs and make me feel embarrassed in shorts or a swim costume. What can I do about them? I want to be able to not care but I do.
  2. Hello! What are you reading - do you have a favourite genre?
  3. dipsi333


    Hey @Andries - good to meet you!
  4. Thank you so much for replying @Mia Kang !!! I really needed to hear this.
  5. hi Mia! i really love how you are so body positive. Have you always been this way? If not how did you do this, i'm feeling nervous with summer here...
  6. It's pretty scary but I'm reminding myself that it's normal to get anxious. I've been reading a lot and watching comedy stand ups on Netflix. I'm calling / face timing with friends/family and have been added to a few WhatsApp groups with different friends and they've been sharing some funny posts and boosting each other. This has really helped with the feelings of anxiety!
  7. I used to go through stages when I was younger of being reluctant to talk about being part of such a diverse family, now though I'm so proud and feel incredibly lucky! I kinda feel a little sorry for people with a standard family as if they're missing out lollll
  8. There was an extraordinary piece of extraterrestrial garnets that wobbled all across a tabletop before
  9. I tried this and at first I felt really weird doing it but it does actually work Even laughing at myself doing it made me feel a bit better too
  10. That their opinion of me wasn't the one that mattered and I didn't need to change for them.
  11. I know that if I spend too much time with friends, as much as I really like them, I need a break to spend some time on my own. I think if you spend too much time with them you stop really appreciating each other?
  12. This happened to me last year! It was really horrible at the time and I thought it was all my fault but I talked about it with my other friends and they made me feel better and I've pretty much accepted it now. I was sad but I know I didn't do anything wrong.
  13. Completely agree with both responses above. How are you feeling about it now?
  14. I'd own it in a way which shows how confident and happy you are in your life. Sometimes it's a good idea to tell a few people at a time when it comes to family (but obv you know them best) and you could lead with something positive like "I know you want me to be happy which is why I'm sharing this with you". Always worth remembering though that sometimes with family, over the years they can have less of a 'filter' and might ask some blunt or clumsy questions. Don't pull back from requesting people be respectful and only answer what you're comfortable with - I guess remind anyone that asks a blunt question that heterosexual people don't have to navigate this. It does sound like they'd be really cool about it though but there's always google if they want to learn more and to be an ally.
  15. Completely agree with the advice above. Take your time as there's no rush as it might be quite a fluid journey for you and that's fine!
  16. This sounds like an amazing step and I feel glad for you that you have shared.
  17. Hey! Personally I feel that it's quite a fluid process and we can be attracted to people for so many reasons. If you do want a label (and everyone is different) I find Pansexual a good label as it covers so many more people and genders.
  18. Hi A Elizabeth, I know how hard this can be so it's completely understandable for you to be upset. You were once important to each other and that's a lot to move on from (some people say that getting over a friendship breaking up is harder than a relationship breaking up). It does sound though that she's moved on from all of her 'old' friends and as hard as it is, you may never find out why. You've tried really hard to reach out so please don't blame yourself. I'd suggest working on your other friendships and developing new ones as you deserve friends that will give back to you. Also, it's possible she's struggling with something so send her a message that says something like "If you ever want to talk, I'm here" and then she knows that she can still approach you if she wants to.
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