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  1. The other day I was just clearing out my email and I was going through my spam just in case something important ended up there. I saw this one email which was highlighted and it said that my cam had been hacked. I got pretty confused because it didn't seem legit and I wanted to brush it off. But then it did say that they've got my password. Even though I've changed my passwords for almost every account, I'm a little worried. should I use an anti virus on my laptop or do I just ignore it?
  2. Hi! I'm doing so much better now actually, it's been about 2 months since school ended and I'm so much happier. The boyfriend that I broke up with earlier, actually confessed that he didn't want to break up with me and actually thought that I was the one pushing him away but I don't blame him. Things are so much better. And mom is doing wonderful. I actually happened to speak to the culprit behind the entire scenario recently and he seemed super scared to talk about what happened and I don't know, I felt relieved that he didn't want to talk about it.
  3. Hi! I've been writing for quite some time actually, thank you for taking a look at it! I just haven't been having too much of exposure towards poetry very recently and no viewers on my blog.
  4. i honestly love her poetry, it's so pure.
  5. Hi, yeah I've been through a lot this year and thank you for your support. I did read that very post before joining this lovely community. And no the school just kicked him out and his mom insisted on me being kicked out too considering I was 50% guilty. Going to the police was on the table of options but I honestly don't know why we didn't go. Maybe it because of 'reputation concerns'. Things with my mum are good, she's not entirely over what happened but we're fine. And as for my boyfriend, I broke up with him. He still hangs out with most of the kids who were involved in spreading the picture and wasn't very supportive. also, because my mom believes he is to be blamed over the whole issue spreading like wildfire even though he did take a couple of steps just to protect me and many other reasons.
  6. Thank you so much and if you'd like to read my poetry here's my blog although it's still a work in progress. http://adiagrang.wixsite.com/galaxiesandmoonlight
  7. Ok lemme tell you a story of my experience in my last year of schooling. I had just recently switched schools for my last two years and it wasn't the best decisions of my life. This change in school was not the only change, some how this new school changed me entirely. Back in my old school, I was normal yk. I was the normal troublemaker around, and here, god, I don't even know how to explain this. I was not just an average girl walking the halls of my school. Yes, I was the troublemaker of my old school but I thought changing to this school would bring about a good change, god, little did I know, I was going to be fucked. Excuse my language. So yk obviously I used to attend extra classes after school hours in a tuition center where I met this kid from a different school and I could tell that he had his eyes on my for quite sometime. So, anyways, somehow, we started hanging out with a couple of friends and he started texting me on Instagram. Now, out of the blue, he asked me something about hookups and at first I was taken aback, cause kinda awkward when a junior asks you such a question. So my natural instinct was to walk away from the conversation and mute him. But gosh, he wouldn't stop. He constantly texted me about this. So I blocked him. But now, he tells my friends about me blocking him and they confront me, at that time I felt like it seemed the right thing to do by not tell them what actually drove me to block him, so I didn't tell them and they pushed me to undo it. So again the cycle starts, but this time, someone suggested me to just answer his questions and move on. So it's what I did and took advantage of that and asked me to hookup with him. Like what the fuck dude? Ok so, idk how this happened and why I was so out of my head to go and do such a thing to actually give in to his demands about such a thing. I said ok, I'll think about it. BIGGEST MISTAKE. Ok we hooked up, I could've ended it there. WORSE MISTAKE. Sending him a nude. So what actually happened, a year goes by, I start dating this super nice dude and we're like yk prolly going to last good and shit, but this junior joins our school and FUCKING TELLS SOMEONE THAT WE HOOKEDUP (or) SOME OTHER KID WHO WAS USING HIS PHONE SENT THE PICTURE AROUND. These are two versions of the story, I don't even know what's true. So my boyfriend gets to know, asks me about this and by doing his boyfriend duties, tries to stop what's happening but miserably fails at it. Hence, in ten days, the school authorities get to know and call in the parents. Drum roll, my mom tries to beat me up in school. LMAO. Next thing we know, the principal is interrogating us over what happened and in the end, SHE BLAMED ME AND SAID I MANIPULATED THE STORY. And that drove my parents to try home-schooling me. and in the end, I was the one who got fucked over and not that dude. He got away with everything he did. Everyone was unfazed by what happened to me and I was the culprit. This sort of situation would never have occurred in my old school. Gosh, sometimes I do wish to do something about that guy, but I've made myself understand that I need to be the bigger person. Forgive and Forget.
  8. My name is, ok whatever my name may be. Does it really matter? I am a 18 year old simple girl living in this stupid ass 21st century world and I don't know where I really fit in, I am a poet and I have a personal blog where I post all my poems through which I express my emotions and thoughts and just whatever. I'm not anything great, but yeah. Right now, as of this moment in my life, I've just started off this new path to find self love. So here goes nothing I guess.
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