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  1. Sounds interesting. I’ll keep track of my attraction towards people then I’ll see what all of this means. Thank you!
  2. Hey thank you for replying. The numb feeling and me not being interested or not even thinking about it only affects the attraction part (not friendships or in general ). I didn’t have a traumatic experience. I’m sure that at least for the time being I don’t want to do anything with anyone and it doesn’t cross my mind anymore. Idk why.
  3. Hey there, I’m a bit confused here and would appreciate some help. I’m not so sure about my attraction to people. I used to be sexually attracted to people and all was normal. Till a girl asked me to kiss her and I did ,but I didn’t enjoy it at all. Now I’m reconsidering everything. All those thoughts I had were before I knew what it was like (btw all those thoughts I had,were always in the third person)but now that I do, the thought of it doesn’t interest me(sometimes it repels me).I do not feel the need to do anything with anyone. Whenever I try to think about it I’m numb and it doesn’t interest me. What the hell is wrong with me ?
  4. Hey, I'm feeling pretty optimistic about everything. I think I'm starting to accept myself and I'm learning to deal with biphobia and that's a win in my book!
  5. It's not that i don't trust her. I'm just not ready to tell her. I think it's because u care about her opinion and i don't want her to think that I'm lying to myself or anything. She will probably react positively but I'm not ready to tell her just yet
  6. Thank you everyone for replying. To be honest, i feel ready to come out to some close friends but not to my sister. I think I'm gonna come out to people differently and at different times. I think I'm gonna tell most people including my sister when i get a partner. It's kinda hard to repress a part of you that, to me at least, is somewhat important. But i want to feel sure of myself when i come out and ready to answer questions. What do you guys think?
  7. So i came out for the very first time when I was 16. I came out as bisexual. And then i felt like that label didn't suit me any more so i identified as a lesbian. I thought i had it all figured out and that i knew myself pretty well and that i finally found the right label . However one day, i fell in love with a boy. And everything went down the drain. I even repressed my feelings and gave excuses for them, i lied to myself. I had to go back in the closet. I'm still in the closet, kind of. I only came out to one friend whom i know is very accepting as they are queer themselves. I thought after coming out twice this would be easy for me. However, i think it's different this time. I'm coming out AGAIN. I'm afraid people would judge me for changing my labels. I'm afraid of all the stigma that comes with being bisexual. I'm afraid that people would make fun of me or think that I'm lying. What do i do? How do I tell people? When do you know you're ready to tell them? How do you come out again?
  8. Hey, i feel better. I'm more confident about coming out to my parents. I came out to a friend the other day. My internalized homophobia is a lot less intense. And i can't wait to get a partner so we can make each other better. Thank you for your help!
  9. Hey, i read the articles and they're really helpful. Here are five things i like about myself : 1-I'm a cute person 2-I'm artistic 3- when i want something, i go for it 4- i always look for a solution 5-i want to help people
  10. Sorry that was kind of a stupid question 😅
  11. Hey, thank you so much for the support. Yesterday i came out to my sister's friend. It went well and i feel so relieved. It was hard in the beginning i found it hard to say the words, i was shaking and i just didn't want to say it. But i did. I am now one step closer to coming out to my parents. Also, i was thinking about the moment i get a partner. I mean i want to have one but i feel anxious about it and like I'm not good enough. I'm so scared I'll do anything wrong that i kind of stay away. Got any advice?
  12. Hey, thank you so much for your reply . It really helped me realize that i need some time getting ready. Thanks to the article, i came up with a coming out plan : since there still is a chance i will get kicked out or mistreated by my dad i will only tell my mom. I don't know when i will come out .but when i will,I will write a letter and when the time to talk comes i will have my sister with me. Meanwhile i will get ready. I'm not sure how to, i think it's like you said :making this small goals perhaps coming out to strangers. What do you think?
  13. Hey, thank you for your reply. Yes, i did think of running away lately. But i try to think of something else. My sister is older than me, i talk to her about almost everything including my sexuality and everything revolving that. Thank you for making me feel so welcome. I will lean on this community for the moment to feel more comfortable. I want to be free one day from the worries of coming out and it's getting better but i still have some preparing to do. When coming out, what do you think is the ideal way of doing it : writing a letter or telling them in person or having a talk where my therapist is also present?
  14. Hey, I like your ideas but i feel uncomfortable doing anything with my family, i just feel like sitting in my room and thinking about my sexuality. I do spend time with them, but when i do so too much, the only thing i think about is how they're not going to accept me and i feel this urge to scream :" I'm gay! " and run away, i always think about running away . However i will try to make those goals also here are the three things i like bout home :1-they love me .2-they provide me with what i need.3-i have a supportive sister.
  15. Hey, Thank you for your response. It helped a lot i think I'm gonna come out to them when i get into a serious relationship and when I'm secure. I feel more confident about coming out. There's this other problem, sometimes i get uncomfortable around my family since they're a bit narrow minded homophobic, transphobic and have no idea who i am and i feel so homesick. Any idea on how to make the environment more bearable?
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