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  1. Hi Remi, There must be a website.Can I send my exact situation by Email? Since I haven't found the website,so nobody can trust it. The people who spread the slanders won't tell me the website.
  2. Hi Remi, Thank you so much for your help and reply. We have the HR department. I also try to report this,but the problem is that I didn't find the website and the HR can't do anything about this. So how can I find the website?
  3. Hi Everyone, One aggressive colleague (in fact we don't know too much about each other at all ) made some slanders on the website and people who don't know me at all trust these slanders without any doubt and follow blindly to help spread slanders instead of condemning the misbehavior of the people who make slanders and defamation. The people can be so easily fooled by the website and the whole thing just explain the "Broken Windows effect" and "Perfect victim effect" perfectly. I really want to get rid of these meaningless harassment. Do you have any advice about how to deal with this and how to find the website people use to spread slanders? Many thanks!
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