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  1. Hi Dylan hows it going? where are you from? ?
  2. hey bea!!! ?sorry that happened to you! The fact that you made a good thing from a bad experience is really cool. I'm gonna do that in future, next time someone says something mean on social media I'm going to find way to turn it around and use that negative energy for positive things! Thanks for the inspo, love your song btw! XXX
  3. @Peach311 STAR WARS'??!'!?'!
  4. my new year's ressi is to get more clued up with current affairs and politics around the globe... figured its good to know what's going on in the world!
  5. pineapple101


    I agree with Looley - loads of people probably felt pressure to say something even if they didn't want to and i bet it triggered loads of people emotionally but at the same time this stuff can't just be swept away because that's how people get away with it - either way it had a really big impact and now literally everyone is talking about it so it did the job
  6. good going pal!!! what you gonna spend it on?
  7. deffo pics and gifs would be awesome! and notifications for when people reply to your posts!
  8. hey everyone, there's a kid in my year who has physical disabilities and gets teased pretty bad by other kids. I feel so bad for him but i'm not friends with him so dunno if i should really say anything. Just feels bad when i see him getting a hard time all the time - but it never seems like it bothers him that much. Should I say something anyway?
  9. Hey thanks for replying guys, it wasn't so bad really i guess i'm back in the swing of it now but i still dread school. I'm a bit of an introvert so don't enjoy being around so many ppl all the time. I have friends but most of them go to a different school. Anyone got tips for an introvert who dislikes their classmates'!?!? thanks xox
  10. I know how you feel! do you wanna say what happened? DW if you don't. I got dumped recently, best thing to do is pick yourself up and move on to positve things! Plus I ate alot of Ben and jerrys lol You got this Louise19!
  11. Its getting closer and I'm literally dreading it Any advice pls'!?
  12. Hi thanks for your advice, I'm not banned any more but still get trolled every now and then. Just been responding with some sassy comments sometimes but mostly just ignore the game chats now! No biggie! Thanks again ? (that's sposed to be a peach, not a butt)
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