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  1. Just got a new microwave 60% off BLACK FRIDAY IS SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. So my girlfriend watched the last episode of the apprentice without me. In retaliation I have been really passive aggressive to her all day but now i feel kinda bad.... what do i do'??'??'??'??'???
  3. Was gonna buy 2 fredos but it turns out that they are 30p now so this should now be in rant box...
  4. rhydian

    Half Term!!!

    For those in school - How are you spending your half terms?
  5. That's AMAZING!!! How did it go'?
  6. I have been trolling a really big student forum.... nothing harmful - I've just been being playfully annoying. Is it bad? & should I stop. Plz be nice in you responses!
  7. Found 50p in my shoe this morning - Its going to be a good day! Anyone else had this'? LITERALLY THE BEST FEELING IMO
  8. It would be cool to be able to add pictures and gifs!
  9. rhydian

    Favourite game?

    I gotta agree with Jake - Minecraft is defo a guilty pleasure for me atm... I recently got into pixel art and its very addictive!!
  10. Thank you, I never thought about it like that. I'll be sure to use your advice when talking about it to my friends. If anybody else has other ideas, I am open to suggestions. Thanks again
  11. Me and my friends have a very dark sense of humour and we joke about almost everything. one of my friends is Jewish and he gets really annoyed when my other friends make fun of his religion. Should I tell my group of friends to stop or should I tell him to man up?
  12. When you charge your phone overnight but only have like 50% ?
  13. rhydian

    On my mind

    I get like that sometimes too, the feeling really sucks but you have to remember that even though it seems like it. Life's not out to get you and despite everything you are going through, it will get better. it might take a weeks or even months but eventually it will get better, I promise. Is there something in particular that gives you this feeling? Personally I get it when i'm around my dad.
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