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  1. I'm gonna try going vegan for a bit. If any fellow herbivores have some tips hmu!
  2. dayyum thats tough - honestly this is probs bad advice, but when you're crushing on someone and its unlikely to ever happen then just focus on other stuff and ignore it'?!? We've all been there and the best way to get over someone is to do the exact opposite of obsessing over them so just hang with your mates, maybe even have a flirt with someone else and stay positive!! ??
  3. bdawg


    I think what's happening on twitter is really interesting but tbh I'm not surprised by the amount of women who have come forward, its upsetting but at the same time people know it goes on but no1 ever says anything. Just like what happened with the Harvey Weinstein guy - people blatantly knew what he was up to but didn't speak up because he's powerful. Hopefully this will mean more people come forward to speak out about it happening. I know, easier said than done i guess. I've been lucky enough to avoid anything like this happening to me but i can only imagine how scary it must be to speak up. ??
  4. Spend more time with other people!!! You can find better friends than this, seems like they're the ones who are looking for drama and not treating you fairly! Hope things get better for you, this must be really sucky xxx
  5. I "like" this idea.... (see what i did there'!) ?'??'?
  6. thats a toughie, from my experience, relationships with friends don't tend to be great ideas, sometimes you risk your friendship if it doesn't work out - i guess it depends on what you value more, the friendship you already have or the potential for something more? Deffo complicates things with two people involved though, I'd sit on it for a while and really work out your own feelings before saying anything ... what you think?
  7. How about this one: https://www.google.co.uk/search'q=bald+cat&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj6qcu3_ZLWAhWpKMAKHYsEDegQ_AUICigB&biw=1466&bih=975#imgrc=eoGx3OtyCEkpZM: ?'??'??'??'?
  8. dude. real friendship groups don't have leaders. you can do better, make some friends who really care about you and who you are, your way too important! hope this helps x
  9. Hey Alana I know what you mean i've had this problem before but never felt comfortable doing it. I realised that just because they ask, doesn't mean they're gonna get! I guess what i mean is that we don't have to fulfil that need, because it's not really a 'need'... like they don't need nudes, they just want them and it's not your/our duty to fulfil that want. If you don't want to do it, or don't trust the person its totally not worth doing it because its your body and if they don't wanna be with you for that reason then they ain't worth sticking around for!! dunno if that makes sense but do you know what i mean? It's also worth just sending them something silly or funny to take the pressure off!
  10. got an A in my GSCE drama and a B in maths!!!! considering i suck at maths and i'm really shy i think thats pretty good going ?? Space monkey, are you gonna be an astronaut'!! that's awesome
  11. bdawg

    On my mind

    I feel like running away and going on an adventure sometimes but then I realise that home is where all my friends are! Going on an adventure is great n all but what fun is that with out your mates around you!? I reckon I will go on a travelling adventure when I'm older like before college or something but til then, just gonna chill here! Yo Space monkey, do you wanna runaway because you feel sad? Or just cause you wanna see the world?
  12. Hi Harper, Thnx for the advice. I don't know them IRL but I know them online. I think you're right tho, probably best to just ignore them. Its just kinda embarrassing when it looks like I'm not standing up for myself.... don't really want to do what Pineapple101 said either though! x
  13. Hey guys - I need ideas here! I'm getting a load of horrible comments on social media, on EVERYTHING! Like Facebook twitter Insta etc... Maybe I'm being too sensitive but they are actually hurtful. Stuff about my weight from random people who have no reason to be mean. Do I reply or do I ignore? If so, what do I say'! reply with ideas on what to do plz! thanks x
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