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  1. Hey @sweetie That's really great that your time away from the GC gave you the distance and the space to let go of what happened in the past and move passed it. Sometimes you have to think through things to the other side of them! Well done, that shows growth! Remi
  2. As they approached the cabin door, she could hear a loud gurgling sound, it sounded like a cross between a baby crying and a washing machine whirring. She was too curious to turn back and raised a tremuring hand up to the rickety door, balled it into a tight fist and gave three, sharp knocks at the door...
  3. Hello @Smashingpumpkins Welcome to our community, we're really glad you've made it here. Experimenting with our sexuality is so common, and even if it's not always widely discussed a lot of people experiment. I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling some sort of shame around this, and want you to know that there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. It's important to understand what you like and don't like. Do you feel like you want to tell your girlfriend about the experience, clear and open communication is important in a relationship, however you don't have to tell your partner every single part of you? I think it's worth just acknowledging it, and saying to yourself that this was an experience you had that shaped you in some way and that it's a normal and natural experience that you've had. Let us know how you're feeling now! Remi
  4. Hey @Scarlet red That's cool you got to see your best friend what did you do? Did you tell her how you were feeling? Remi
  5. Hello Hello @notearslefttocry Toffee here, Welcome to our community how did you find us? How are you doing today? Remi
  6. Hey there @Mangrove54 , I'm so sorry to hear that you have experienced bullying to this degree. You never deserved this and it wasn't your fault. Can I ask did you ever tell anyone at school about what these people were physically assaulting you? There should be rules in place at your school to make sure these people are spoken to about this accordingly. You were bullied because of other peoples prejudices not because of anything you are or what you look like. I know it's hard but skipping meals won't help you, it's important to eat regularly to keep up your energy and power your body. Have you ever seen a doctor about the breakdowns or the seizures - I think this could be useful for you to get a prescription for medication that might help you. and to organise to speak with a trained counsellor - is this something you can feel like you can do? What is working well for you in life right now, what do you do for fun, do you have many hobbies? The fact that you've come onto here and shared your thoughts with us today shows that you aren't bottling things up and that you are taking active steps towards sharing how you feel and trying to process your passed trauma. CBT or acceptance and commitment therapy could be beneficial to you. Hang in there, we're all here for you...
  7. Hey no worries, Yeah I mean, if he's already told you he's crushing on sum1 else. then you are just setting yourself for pain potentially. I would just continue to pursue a friendship with him and just to know him for now! Remi
  8. Hello @Jonas Ahh we've all been there where we have had a crush on someone but deep down we know we can't be with them. How strong is your friendship at the moment. It's a tricky one, because on one hand, if you tell him your feelings for him and he doesn't reciprocate, it might put a barrier up in your friendship - but on the other side, do you feel like you could have a healthy friendship with him whilst you know you have a crush on him and you cant be with him - that could be torture for you. The main thing you need to think about is if you're ready for your dynamic with him to change, and if you aren't then I would probably wait! Hope this helps - Remi
  9. Hello @Jonas Thank you for coming to us and trusting us with this. We are so happy you've come out! Congratulations! Theres no rush to tell anyone else yet, before you are ready too, remember this is your journey. Do you have any coping strategies for your anxiety currently? Alsoo @Bkerby14 / Wolf hey to you too, thanks for being so supportive!
  10. Hello @Scarlet red It's normal to feel nervous about how your friends may react to you coming out. But if they are your friends they should accept you for who you are and recognise when you are at your happiest. They may take some time to get used to it, but it's always better to live in your authentic self. Did you have a read over the advice monsoon gave you on how to come out? Remi
  11. Hey @Scarlet red We know that a lot of people that have experienced bullying in the past can feel this way, and it definitely becomes harder to trust people and to put walls up as you said. It's important to note that bullying is never your fault, and you didn't deserve what happened to you. Recovery takes a while sometimes and lots of self love and self care, plus a positive support network, but you will be able to trust people in the future. Sending solidarity your way, Remi
  12. Hello Maya, How are you!? It's great you've figured out your sexuality and we're so happy for you, I think coming out to your friends who are in the LGBT community first is a really good step and you'll hopefully get a really positive response. I think there is no rush for you to come out yet to other family members who might not take it well, and there usually will be a time when it feels right, I think for right now just focus on the journey and what it means for you without letting it get overshadowed by what family think. For when you are ready in the future, check out this article we wrote on how to come out to homophobic parents. https://www.ditchthelabel.org/coming...hobic-parents/ But as I said for right now. just enjoy being you! Remi
  13. Hey Jenny, I'm Remi, one of the support mentors on here and i'm just checking in to see how you are. I agree with Monsoon, we are getting better as a society about talking about mental health, but sometimes it's hard when it's someone close to you and people don't know exactly how to react, I think a lot of us have experienced that before. It must be very frustrating. I mean this is a slightly more jokey article, but it may help to show it to some of the people that aren't understanding depression. https://www.ditchthelabel.org/what-n...ressed-person/ Let us know, if you choose to use it and how it goes. Remi
  14. Hey Woody, Just checking in to see how you're doing? Remi
  15. Hey Sweetie, That's really great that you feel calmer and that you wouldn't react in the same way. We can't really control our emotions, but what we can control is our actions and it's great that you recongised this today! If a break from the group chat feels good, then keep doing it! You'll probably have a new found appreciation for the connection when you back to it after a bit of a break! Remi
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