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  1. omg mines black, then pink, then purple lool. we are colour twins o.0
  2. Heya, what's your advice for people who feel uncomfortable about setting boundaries and confrontation? thank you
  3. Hi Michelle, not sure if you can give advice on this or not, but I have a friend who has started messaging my ex bf. we weren't all that serious and it ended about a year ago, i told her i don't mind bc i don't want to come across as not being over him but i just feel so angry at her. i feel like its a really shitty thing for her to do. what should i do? any advice would be appreciated bc its really affecting our friendship now and she keeps asking me what the matter is and i just don't feel like i have a right to tell her to stop messaging him?
  4. Just curious. I'll start, probably about 500-600ish on insta, tiktok and yt
  5. favourite animal is probably cat, least favourite are spiders. mythical probably unicorn lol
  6. omg congratulations!! and happy coming out day
  7. I also have issues with my appearance and found the forums to be really useful, hope you do too
  8. I feel the same as you and I guess always struggled with it. What I would say tho is that isn't very nice of your mates saying stuff like that but from here it looks like they're just vocalising how they feel about themselves and not aimed at you?? 1 thing that helped me was to unfollow edited influencers on my insta and tiktok but yeah ur not alone x
  9. Welcome Mia!! What is it like hosting a TV show?? What are your tips for building up the confidence to do something like that? I'm terrified of public speaking but want to get better x
  10. Is that rude to ask?? I don’t know many people with disabilities
  11. yeah i agree actually. didn't they have a thing ages ago in the news where they got caught not featuring people on the fyp if they weren't like super attractive?
  12. i get awkward about this, what is the right way of addressing somebody who is disabled? is it rude to call them disabled??
  13. tbh i think its mixed with tiktok... there's good and bad but its like that everywhere. i do think tiktok is more toxic than other social networks tho
  14. Love this, just made mine
  15. Icons where I type on my iPhone don’t display, just shows as boxes. Also it keeps redirecting me to forum.ditch the label.org sometimes when I post. redirected me here when I posted this: https://forum.ditchthelabel.org/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=notifications&do=button&csrfKey=b886ccd9681f90faac0a5826340df6e0&follow_app=forums&follow_area=topic&follow_id=1935
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