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  1. Who is your favourite asexual character in tv/films/books/etc? and do you think there needs to be more representation of asexuality in films and stuff?
  2. I'm bi too, but I've been in a hetero relationship with my boyfriend since we were very young, and I've never really explored that side of my sexuality. It is definitely something that I've had to come to terms with over time. In some ways, people could argue that I'm missing out having not explored that side of me - but on the flip side, I'm so happy with my boyfriend and I know there's loads of people I'll never be with (not just girls, you know - there are many different people who I am attracted to but won't ever be with), but it's worth it, because my relationship gives me everything I need, and I want to be with my boyfriend permanently. I sometimes think that we're encouraged to define ourselves by our sexuality - especially those of us that aren't hetero. In the end, I've made the conscious decision not to define myself by it, when in reality it's only a small part of me, and this has really helped me personally to get over the thought that I'll never know what I'm like in a relationship with a girl. I totally understand though, if you are feeling the need to explore that side of yourself. If you love your boyfriend it might be worth talking to him about how you feel? I know it helped me. It's a big decision if you have to break up a loving relationship to explore that part of your sexuality so you definitely need to weigh up the pros and cons.
  3. I think sadly this is so normal for so many of us. We're overexposed to 'perfect' pictures of 'perfect' people, and before we realise it we're holding ourselves to totally unattainable beauty standards. There's no set way of looking that people find attractive - everyone is attracted to something different, and often people are attracted to someone who has something in particular that makes them stand out from the crowd. Instead of seeing your mouth as a flaw, embrace it's quirkiness and the way it makes you individual, unique and interesting. There will be so many people out there that are drawn to you for that exact reason. Have you seen the Lynx 'Find Your Magic' advert? I know it's just an advert, but I actually think it's really inspiring, because it's all about embracing the bits that make you different and rocking them:
  4. I'd say it's only a joke if you're both laughing... You're definitely not overreacting, but it can be really hard to explain why you don't like something when it's so embedded in our culture as 'normal'! He's probably so used to hearing it, that he doesn't think twice about using it in a 'jokey' way. Maybe talk to him about why he finds it funny to call you that, what it genuinely means, and why it's not as acceptable as he might think? Good luck, and stick to your guns - you're not over-reacting!
  5. She sounds like a really toxic friend to be honest. Have you read these articles? https://www.ditchthelabel.org/deal-friends-bullying/ https://www.ditchthelabel.org/are-they-really-your-friend-15-signs-that-suggest-otherwise/ I think they're really useful for something like this. Hope you managed to speak to her and sort it out!
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