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  1. Agree with you. It's also addictive af and a lot of the content is so funny, it actually helped me a lot during lockdown and being stuck in my bedroom all the time but it is so addictive
  2. Heres what I do: PS4 Make music on logic pro The Sims over lockdown Gym Drawing
  3. Omg in lockdown mine was legit 12hrs+ probably about 8hrs of that on tiktok ngl
  4. Did you get Coronavirus? Think I avoided it
  5. Tbf not like all the media has been telling us to fear each other and the killer virus for the past year and a bit. I'm the same bro think it'll take time tbh
  6. OMG I can imagine. Is it true that people just spend all day running up and down stairs?
  7. LOL at the lion reference, what an epic film. Marley and me had me drop a tear on the sly tbh
  8. Do any other guys feel the pressure to get stacked? Like I've been going to the gym with my brother since I was about 13. Now I'm 16 and like I've got some bulk but I always feel under so much pressure to get bigger and bigger gains. Seeing all the instafamous lads on Insta makes me want to be like them and I just end up feeling unhappy with my progress. Anyone else?
  9. Hi everyone, I'm Steve. I follow DTL on Insta and thought I'd check this thing out.
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