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  1. i did that but it didnt work. My friend said its the studying issues, not the teachers
  2. I been at Wake Tech for 8 years because I keep taking the same over and over and the teachers are just ripping me off with bad grades. I just want to pass my class. Is there any way I can get the teachers to give me good grades and let me pass my class?
  3. I found a reason why A, her bf and her friends blocked me. She sent this message to my friend about me: From A: I dont appreciate accusing me of that. I have nothing against gays, straight, trans and so on. Its the fact that she’s asked friends for using their pictures for “personal projects� and making my friends and boyfriend uncomfortable. I’ve been harrassed about this for months by one of her friends and i wish it would stop. I just wanted to do some photo editing in photo shop because I got bored. Why does it make them uncomfortable?
  4. i can't do it through a computer either. I just asked her when is her and siblings bdays, asked her about her cousins that live in South Korea. Asked her if her parents able to pick me up She didn't like talking on fb messenger and onliy prefer talking on the phone. She hasn't responded to me since May 2017. I tried calling her and texting her and she never replied. i sent her a text and said "I feel like I'm ignored. I noticed that we haven't talked in a while. I was hoping we could catch up because I've missed talking with you. Are you free anytime soon?" and she still didnt respond. I didnt cuss at her, or called her names or didnt say anything to offend her. one of her friends told me that she has a history of mentally ill. every time she gets repulsive, she gets sick easily. She hasn't updated her social media since June 2019 and now shes taking a break from college this semester. She can't just ditch social media and not say anything. Thats why I was worried about her and she didnt have to get all mad over it. I didn't want to blow up on her, and fuss her out because i know she wouldn't talk to me so I still say nice things to her. I deleted that rude message from her and sent her a kind and wrote " Hi, B, how are you doing today? This is the first time you texted after a long time. that's very nice of you"
  5. [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"medium","data-tempid":"temp_78_1573572469803_112"}[/ATTACH]​
  6. Do u have an email I can't send it through my phone
  7. Yeah that would be Kool I'll get it the messages
  8. I got a rude message from B on kakaotalk I met at church and she told me not to contact her, her family and friends ever again, the next time I see her, I'm gonna knock her out. She better talking to me when she sees me. I don't care if she's mad. That's why I her friends at uncsa on instagram to see how's she doing. D***! She never answered my calls and never responded to my messages since 2015. I can do what ever I want. I don't care if it makes people uncomfortable or makes them mad. It has nothing to do with us talking to each other
  9. We talked in Math class and she never replied on Facebook. I tried to be nice to her to get to respond so I tried calling through messenger and then she blocked me last Month
  10. I met Paige in math class in Spring 2019 and she ignored me and blocked me last Month
  11. I met them in Spring 2018 so I never hung out with them. I just talk to them on Social media
  12. I haven't done it yet. Idk why ppl do that. They should responding to my messages when I'm on college break, not just sit there and just read my message and not reply. It's so annoying. If I see Ashley and Kirsten at the Animezement next year, they better be nice to me when they see me. Because I didn't do nothing wrong to them
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