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  1. Hey @JustArden Thats okay, You an try your best to explain it here if you like? I'm all ears and a good listener
  2. Hey there, How do you feel now she knows you're not talking anymore? Also, thanks for telling me about the problem you have with starting things. I'm wondering, why is it you think you have a problem starting things like that e.g., homework and tidying your room?
  3. Hey @Bi the way How are you doing? I'm sorry that you don't feel very seen/heard at home. It can be really frustrating when we feel like people don't really take us seriously and don't seem to respect what we say. I'm wondering, have you ever talked to her about this? Also, I'm curious to know, are there times when you do feel seen and heard there?
  4. Hey @Zookid It's great to hear that you are ready to come out to your dad Can I ask, how did you tell your mom? Could you tell your dad in the same way?
  5. Hey @Randomgirl. It sounds like you really like her a lot - how exciting! Do you think you would go well together if you did start dating? Also, thank you for explaining to me why you feel it would be a bad idea. I wonder, could it be good to speak to her about crushes just to see if she is into girls or not? Then, if she is, maybe you can think about telling her. What do you think would be best?
  6. Hey @Randomgirl. Sorry to hear that you're having a bad day. Would you like to tell us what is going on?
  7. Hey @Blue22031 I'm glad to hear that the girl has left you alone; I can imagine that you feel relieved. Thanks for telling me why you're feeling anxious. I'm wondering, what do you think you could do to try and sort things out so that you don't feel so anxious? Also, I saw that you mentioned having a problem with starting things up. I'm curious to know, what kind of problems do you have with this?
  8. Hey @JustArden I'm glad that talking about this is helping you to feel less alone; there are others out there like you, and hopefully our community can connect you with people who are going through something similar Also, I find it interesting that you think you may never get to the point of knowing your identity. I completely get what you mean about how you like not having to choose your label. I wonder, how would it feel for you to have a label that you're certain of?
  9. Hey @sweetie Welcome back - it's really lovely to hear from you again. Thank you for your kind words about our community here and how helpful it's been for you. It sounds like you've really been coping so well and helping yourself to move forward with the things that were troubling you. I'm so impressed by how well you articulate your experiences. Looking back on where you were when you first spoke with us in January, how does it feel knowing where you are now? I remember you speaking with us about your dad, and I'm just wondering how things are going between you two now? I hope things are better between you two. Just to check in, how are your siblings doing now? I saw that you mentioned how they were feeling suicidal; I hope they're doing better now. If not, you can speak to us about it and we can help you out. Speak soon.
  10. Hey @Randomgirl. How exciting that you have a huge crush on someone! What other things do you like about her? . I'm glad that you have come to terms with the idea of liking a girl. I remember you being confused about your sexuality when you first came to us, and although you don't know what your label is yet, it's good to hear that you are happy with your sexuality. Can I ask, why do you think it's a terrible idea to tell her? Also, I'm wondering, what makes you think that she is probably straight?
  11. Hey @Marv I'm glad to hear that your day was fine gender-wise. Yeah, you got my question absolutely right; I found it interesting that you said you try not to put too much pressure on yourself. You have a really good understanding on what is helping you through your gender journey. It's really helpful to be able to talk about what's going on for you, and especially if you're stressed about something, saying it out loud can take the power of it away which helps you to feel more in control. Also, yeah, as you said, until you make a decision, a doctor can't really do much. From what you've said, it sounds like you're doing all of the right things to make this process as easy for yourself as possible - what do you think? Also, I'm wondering, when you say that the periods are partly a gender issue, can you tell me more about this, please?
  12. Hey @Zookid How are you doing? I saw that you came out to your mom - how did that go? Just to double check before I give you advice, can I ask, do you feel ready to come out to him? It's totally okay to wait if you don't - just remember that there's no rush
  13. Hello @Aima I just want to check in and see how you are doing today? Are you safe? We are here for you and I hope to hear back from you soon. Take care.
  14. Hey, Ah, okay. What do you think you're going to do? Do you think it's worth a try or are you swaying more towards leaving it? Also, I'm wondering, what makes you think that she is just being friendly?
  15. Hey @Blue22031 It's nice to hear from you again. How is it going with the girl who wasn't being very nice to you back in summer? I'm sorry to hear that you're having a hard time with school at the moment. I'm wondering, what do you think is making you fall behind? Could it be the home learning, or maybe even the anxiety that you're experiencing? We are here to talk this through with you and help you. You are not alone Speak soon and take care.
  16. Hello @_alix.reyy Welcome to our community. I'm sorry to hear that your mum hasn't reacted well to your news. How are you feeling about this? I know that experiencing this kind of situation can be really tough and emotional, so I just want to check in and see how you're doing. We are here for you. I think that many parents can react negatively and it's out of shock a lot of the time. Once some time has passed, the parents usually come around the idea and it's just that they need to process the shock. What do you think? Do you feel that it could get better?
  17. Hey @Elliot9 Yeah, I get what you're saying about being better writing emails. I'm wondering, is there something you could do to help your anxiety in the moment? Do you do any breathing or other relaxation strategies when you're anxious? I think it could be good to plan what you will say. Once you've planned it, you could even say it in person if you feel up to it. Maybe you can practise here and pretend that I'm your mentor and type out what you would say to come out?
  18. Monsoon


    Welcome to our community @Zookid! If you'd like advice and support for anything, just let us know. I'm one of the digital mentors here, and I chat with our members who want to talk through things that are going on for them and help them out if they need it.
  19. Monsoon


    Hey @Kay_shiv How are you doing today? Yeah, I think it's also a good idea to wait. How does that decision make you feel?
  20. Hey @Dywwik How are you doing today? Yeah, it sounds like you have quite a few opportunities for some alone time which you must be looking forward to. What do you enjoy about alone time compared to spending time with people?
  21. Hey Mar_k, How are you doing today? I'm sorry to hear that he said he doesn't believe in what you told him about. How did it make you feel hearing that from him? I'm wondering, do you think he might believe in it, but maybe reacted like that out of shock because of what you just told him? As you said, it will take a long time with lots of patience before you hopefully get to a better place with it. Are you hoping to speak to him about this again soon?
  22. Hey @Bi the way How are you feeling today? Thank you for telling me more about how things are with your mother at the moment. I'm sorry to hear that she has been emotionally abusive with you. I completely understand why you have become distant from her; when someone hurts us, it's completely natural for us to pull away and not feel as close to them, even when they are a close family member, like a parent. Can I ask, when you say emotionally abusive, can you tell me a little bit more about what she does to you? I know that this might be too emotional for you to talk about, and I completely understand if you're not ready to open up about it. I just want to make sure that you're safe from harm at home. We care about you. Speak soon and take care.
  23. Hey Sophie, How are you today? I just need a little more info before I reply properly; can I just check, when you say you don't think so, is this about there being danger if you come out, or if your parents will be able to be accepting of your sexuality or not?
  24. Hello there! I wonder, apart from your boyfriend and friend, have you told anyone else that you're non binary? I guess that for people who know, you could let them know which pronoun you'd prefer on the day you speak with them, and for the neutral term too, hopefully they will be able to put in the effort to use it in your language even though it sounds weird as you say. What do you think? Your boyfriend might have difficulty using the different pronouns as it sounds like he hasn't quite accepted it yet, but hopefully your friend can do it?
  25. Hey @Saphira Ah, it sounds like she has lots of really positive qualities Do you ever get the vibe from her that she might want more from you, or do you think she is just being friendly?
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