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  1. Hey there, Thank you for sharing how you're feeling with us. I think it's really common for parents, especially new ones, to feel like they aren't good enough. This feeling can become stronger if they also have other things going on, like mental health issues, as you said. If you like, we can talk about this in our private message? Let me know what works best for you. Speak soon.
  2. Hey there, That would be a shame if it is true. I guess that at certain points, we drift away a little from our friends, and it's perfectly normal for that to happen, and not something to be punished. How are you feeling about it today? Do you think it might ge helpful to speak with her about how you feel?
  3. Hey there, I work for Ditch the Label and I'm a real person who is trained to give advice to our members
  4. Hey there, Okay, so I'm wondering, what do you think might happen when you reveal this part of yourself? I know it might be hard to face the possibility of doing it, but how do you think you might feel afterwards?
  5. Hey there, Is this better? It sounds like you've got plenty of things you like about yourself, and it's so refreshing to hear people describe themselves positively, as we tend to focus on the negatives. When we get too bogged down with feeling low about ourselves, it can be good to think about two or three things we like about ourself. What do you think?
  6. Hey there, I'm sorry to hear about Ruth. How are you feeling? It's so upsetting when we lose a pet, especially when we don't expect it to happen. It can be really helpful to have a little funeral if you feel up to it, as it helps to give a sense of closure to the loss. What do you think?
  7. Hey there, Ahh, okay. Is there a possibility they might not be?
  8. Hey @Clara123 Welcome Yeah, he is definitely giving you some mixed signals. From what you've said, it definitely seems like he still likes you, but is hurt by you being bisexual, which is interesting. Do you still want to speak with him, or would you like to move on from it?
  9. Hey @NimoKe I just want you to know that we are on your side and we are here for you. Can I ask, how long have you been feeling like this for? Maybe there was something that happened to make you start feeling like this way a lot? Speak soon.
  10. Hey Lilly, I just want you to know that I can speak about this with you on the confidential support option if you like? Let me know. We are here for you.
  11. Monsoon


    Hello there, Welcome to tour community. I'm sorry to hear that you're suffering at the moment, but it's great that you've opened up here as we will be able to help you. I'm wondering, how are you feeling today? Have you been able tp keep clean from SI at all recently? It's okay if you haven't, and we can help you through it.
  12. Hey Saphira, Thank you for telling me that. So, by talking revealing this part of yourself, what do you think then might happen?
  13. Hello Saphira, I'm glad to hear that you had a funeral for him. How was it? Have you laid some flowers for him?
  14. Hello, I really am so sorry to hear about all of this. I cannot imagine how this must have affected you, but I just want to say that I'm really glad you're opening up about how it is for you as this will help you to figure out a way through it. I think it's best if we continue to talk over the confidential support option, so I will message you back there now. Speak soon.
  15. Hey Lily, That's lovely; how old is she? I'm wondering, if you could ask the person who knows you best to describe three things they like about you, what would they say?
  16. Hey @justdoit Welcome to our community. My name is Monsoon and I'm one of the digital mentors here. It's pretty hard to know why your friend would show you the invite and then not invite you herself. I'm wondering, why do you think she did that? Could it be that she just assumed you were coming anyway?
  17. Let me know if you haven't received it yet.
  18. Hey Lily, I just want you to know that I've sent you a private message so we can talk there.
  19. Hey Lily, Yeah, I will send you a message now. Speak soon.
  20. Hey there, Yeah, it sounds like a really good idea to speak with her. Maybe you can let us know what she says?
  21. Hey Lily, I'm sorry to hear that he did that to you. I really cannot imagine how that must have made you feel and what kind of impact that has had on you, but I just want you to know that I am here for you if you ever want to talk about it. I'm wondering, have you told the police that he did that? I thought I would ask because I remember you mentioning that the police are helping you to leave him. How are you feeling?
  22. I really love this idea so much. Can I ask, what is a quality of yours that you love?
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