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  1. Hey, It's completely normal to cry in therapy sessions, and therapists do see this a lot in the people that they work with. They will be really kind and reassuring, and make sure that you feel safe and comfortable. How come you ask? Do you think you might end up crying in your session?
  2. Hey @laura132 I'm sorry to hear that you're not ok. Can I ask, what is going on for you right now? How are you feeling?
  3. Hey @Zookid That's okay There is no rush, and if you don't feel like now is the right time, then it's totally okay to wait. Do you have any more questions about coming out, or anything else that you'd like advice on right now?
  4. Hey @bisexualweeb Thanks for asking us about this I think that before telling them, it might be good to have a think about whether they might have a crush on you too. I guess that if you tell them and they don't feel the same way, then it might make things awkward and change your friendship. What do you think?
  5. Hey @Ezra- I'm glad to hear that you're safe, and from what you've said, it really does sound like you're having a tough time, and I just want you to know that I'm here to talk whenever you need. It's good that you want to get help because some people who struggle don't want to speak about how they're feeling and get better. I'm wondering, would you like to tell me a little bit more about your feelings and what has been going on for you? When you say things are getting worse, why do you think that is?
  6. Hey @chuu That's okay You know where we are if you do want to speak. Take care and best of luck with everything.
  7. Hey @BiForLife15 How's it going for you at the moment?
  8. Hey @BiShadow!23 That's okay I just wanted to check in and see how everything is going after telling your dad? How are you doing?
  9. Hey @Ezra- Thank you for coming to us with this. I think it's really brave to be so open about struggling, and I want you to know that you can talk to us at any time you need. How are you feeling today? I saw that you said about feeling more suicidal over the past month or two, and I'm wondering, are you safe at the moment? I know it might not seem like it now, but these feelings may get better, and we are here to support you every step of the way. I hope to hear that you're safe when you reply, but if you're not, we can help you through this. Take care and hang in there. By the way, just incase you need it, here is some more information if you're in crisis and need someone to talk to: UK - The Samaritans: 116 123 (24/7 service) USA - NSPL: 1-800-273-8255 A list of worldwide crisis lines: https://www.befrienders.org An app I can recommend: https://www.prevent-suicide.org.uk/find-help-now/stay-alive-app/ this has safety plans to make sure you don't harm yourself and you might find it useful. If you’re in the UK, you can text SHOUT to 85258 when you are struggling, and a trained crisis volunteer will text you back. This is great if you find talking on the phone challenging, and it’s completely free 24/7
  10. Hey @Zookid Great Do you have an idea for when you might do it then?
  11. Hey, Ah, okay, thanks for explaining that. Can I ask, if she didn't distract you, how would your emotional response have played out in the session? What do you think would have happened and how might you have felt?
  12. Hey @anon0000 Thank you coming here to open up and get it all of your chest. How are you feeling after telling us how you're feeling? I hope you're feeling a little bit better. From what you've said, I really get the sense that you're feeling really low about your appearance right now, and have done for a while. I just want you to know that there are other people out there who have this feeling too, and that you're not alone. I think that a really helpful way of moving forward and getting to place where you are happier with how you look is to explore why you started feeling this way. I saw that you've been feeling like this since you were 12, and I'm wondering, did something happen around that time that started making you question how you look?
  13. Hey @Tapeybi I just want you to know that I've sent you a private message so we can talk more there
  14. Hey @Marv I'm sorry to hear you had a little of a wobble, but it's great that you were able to move past it and find another way to cope. How does it feel knowing that you were able to that? It really is an achievement and not easy to do at all. Did you get a chance to look at the article by the way? Also, yeah, I totally get that it feels both good and scary to admit it to yourself. The journey that you're on will have it's ups and downs, and there will be these big moments, like admitting it to yourself, that can be quite confusing on an emotional level, but will also help you take the next step :). Did you speak with the GP? I hope it went well!
  15. Hey @chuu That's okay and I want to thank you for letting me know what your boundary is around talking about it. I just want you to know that I will be here to speak with you about it when you're ready. Would you like to speak about anything else with us at the moment?
  16. Hey, Yeah, sadly, it happens. I don't think it's a reflection of the strength of the relationship and how much you mean to them, and as I said, I guess some people are just a little bit more disorganised than others. How are you feeling about it now?
  17. Hey @imm0rtals_.whatever Welcome to our community It sounds like you're feeling quite low and overwhelmed at the moment, and I think that this is totally understandable given what's going on for you at the moment. I just want you to know that we are here for you and you can talk to us about anything at anytime. How are you feeling today? I'm wondering, because there are a few different things going on at the moment, which one is bothering you the most? If it works for you, maybe we can explore that one first and figure out some ways to help, and then move onto the other ones? Let me know what you think. Take care and speak soon.
  18. Hey @Marv I wanted to hold off on replying to this to see if any of our members who have experienced something similar and gave advice, but now seems like a good time to jump in I'm sorry to hear that you've had a tough time with this friend; I completely get why you're not at that point where you feel like you can't mask yourself anymore with them. I think that with friends, its good to have differences as well as things in common, but I guess that there's a fine line between accepting differences and then tolerating problematic views. It's good to ask yourself what the pros and cons are to staying friends with this person, and whether the positive outweigh the negative; what do you think?
  19. Monsoon

    How do I come out??

    Hey @Ams Thanks for coming to us for help . We have plenty of members here who have experienced the same kind of situation, so I hope that they will also be able to give you advice. How are you feeling? I just wanted to check in as I know this kind of situation can be really stressful as I've supported others through similar experiences. We are here for you every step of the way. Can I ask, by coming out, is there chance that you could be put in danger, like being physically or emotionally abused, kicked out, or possibly even sent for conversion therapy? Your safety is our main priority here, and if coming out means you are in danger, then we would say it's best to wait until you can move out, or at least have somewhere else to stay where you can be looked after by someone you trust. What do you think?
  20. Hey @chuu Thank you for being so open about how you're feeling right now. I think it's completely normal to feel like we cannot come to terms with the fact that someone close to us has gone; to face our life without someone we treasure so deeply is so hard to accept. I know it might not seem like it now, but when coming to terms with such a loss, you will learn how to cope with time, but it can take a while to start feeling like you are, and to even feel moderately close to how you were beforehand. I just want you to know that we are here for you every step of the way though. Can I ask, do you feel comfortable enough to tell me what happened? It's completely okay if you don't, and I respect your boundary if it's too emotional for you to talk about.
  21. Hey there, I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling good and that you hated therapy. Can I ask, why do you think you hated the session?
  22. Hey there, Ah, yeah, that's a tricky one. It can be because of loads of things, like just being really busy and not having a reminder in their calendar. I know that it really hurts if it happens, but some people can just be really disorganised with things like this, and it's often nothing personal. What do you think? Has this happened to you?
  23. Hey, How are you feeling? I hope you're doing as well as you can be. I just replied to your post about your sexuality and then saw this. I'm sorry to hear that he was not happy - can you tell me more about what happened? It's totally okay if you don't want to talk about it though. I know that it might not seem like it now, but in this kind of situation, the parent usually just needs some time to calm down and process what has happened, and it does usually get better. I've talked a lot about this in my other reply, so please take a look, and I hope to hear back from you soon. Just remember that we are here for you and you're not alone
  24. Hey @BiShadow!23 Ah, okay, thanks for telling me that. I can imagine that it must be quite difficult for you to know he feels that way when you know your true sexuality; how are you feeling? I hope you're doing as well as you can be. I'm wondering, do you think there's a chance that he could accept you when you come out? I think that the love a parent has for their child is so powerful, and it can help open up even the most stubborn minds. Love is the perfect cultivator for acceptance, and it can really help to keep that in mind when you're in a difficult situation, like wanting to come out to someone with homophobic views. Even if he doesn't accept you straight away, plenty of people that I've supported have said that once they had some time to come to terms with the news, then they have been more accepting. So, a lot of the time, it just requires some patience and trust in the process. Maybe you can take a look at our support guide here and let me now what you think? https://www.ditchthelabel.org/my-parents-didnt-react-well-to-me-coming-out/ Take care and speak soon.
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