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  1. Hey 

    It sounds like you're carrying a lot of stress at the moment, and I totally get why given how your best friend is feeling right now. How are you doing? I hope you're as okay as you can be. 

    I'm thinking, instead of the school finding out, could you maybe speak to your best friend's parents about how she is at the moment? I think that with self-harm, it can often be a way to cope, and if that's taken away, then it can throw the person off-balance, and the best way is to support the person to reduce the self-harm gradually and find another way to cope. What do you think? Also, how is your other friend who is harming themselves at the moment?

    I hope to hear back from you soon. I just want to say that you sound like such a caring friend and they are definitely lucky to have you. Speak soon. 

  2. On 9/23/2021 at 9:47 AM, Dywwik said:

    I had to convince myself that the surgery and treatment are not only for aesthetic reasons. 

    I've been having many cavities filled for my braces treatment to start and it's been complicated. I have a tooth that doesn't respond to the anesthesia. So I partially had my tooth drilled while feeling some of it. After 5 anesthesia on the tooth, the dentist managed to finish the job! 

    Also I react badly to the anesthesia and I swell. Currently can't talk right. 

    Braces and the surgery is now daunting but I think of these bad experiences as practice for what's coming! 


    Yeah, I think that was really wise to focus on the other benefits of the surgery. I think that if we seek a 'better appearance', then when we get to where we want to be, we end up wanting more, so by focusing on other parts, like improvement to physical health, we can develop a much healthier relationship with our appearance and body 🙂

    Sorry to hear that you reacted badly to the anaesthesia; how is it today? Also, when will you get the braces and surgery? 

  3. Hey,

    Yeah, we absolutely all need time out. I think we can all get easily caught up in life and forget to take time to really look after our physical and mental health, so I'm glad you were able to take some time out 🙂. What kind of things do you like to do to look after yourself and your mental health?

    I'm sorry to hear about the bullying that's going on at the moment. Can I ask, have you spoken to anyone at school about the kids on the bus? If so, what did they say?

  4. Hey,

    I'm glad that you have a teacher to talk to about stress. Do you find it helpful? I'm wondering, would you like me to also share some tips with you on how to manage stress? 🙂

    Also, thank you for telling me more about why you're not happy with your life at the moment. It's so difficult when we feel like our friends aren't real; we all rely on other people to help us feel welcome and safe to an extent, and if we feel that they aren't genuine, it can be quite upsetting. Can I ask, what have they done to make you feel this way?

  5. Hello @Blue22031

    How are you feeling today? I'm glad to hear that you are safe from them now. It's completely understandable that you feel the way you do towards them after what they did to you. From what you've said, it sounds like there is room to process these feelings more and try to move forward. What do you think? I'm wondering, does your school have a counsellor or emotional support service that they offer to students? 

  6. Hey @Bi the way

    I'm glad to hear that you are doing fine 🙂. Going to college must be so exciting for you, and you will have to keep us updated on how the applications go! 

    I'm wondering, is there anything else you'd like to talk about with me at the moment?

  7. Hey @Awkward

    How are you feeling today? Yeah, I think it's easy to question yourself when others around you believe that this is more of a trend rather than something to be taken seriously. However, these feelings are clearly strong for you. It's important to listen to them and recognise that they are valid and important, and it's good to get them off your chest. Do you think that you would do something like this for attention, or could it be that the feelings are real? 

    Also, I'm glad that you feel happier using they/them pronouns in your head. I wonder if there are any other small steps you could take to make yourself feel better? 🙂

  8. Hey,

    How are you feeling at the moment @Dywwik? I hope your anxiety is better. It's interesting that you don't get any satisfaction or dissatisfaction from it, because I can imagine that it's positive for you being able to recognise people easily afterwards. What do you think? I'm wondering, how might your life be different if you weren't doing it? 

  9. Hey,

    Thank you for telling me that you're feeling a little triggered right now. Would you like to keep going or pause until you feel more ready? If you do want to carry on, I'm happy for you to just tell me more about whatever you feel comfortable enough speaking about. I completely respect your boundaries and want you to feel safe and comfortable here. 

  10. Hey @Awkward

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I can really see how confusing and stressful this is for you. Knowing our identity is so important, and when we go through a period of questioning and confusion, it can really throw us off-balance. It's interesting that you said you don't want to be making it up, and I'm wondering, do you think there's a chance that you could be? If so, why? I'm just curious to know. Also, I noticed that you mentioned preferring to use they/them pronouns; that sounds great. I think that if you can find anything to help you feel better during this difficult period, then go for it, even if you just identify as they/them in your head if you're not ready to tell others. What do you think?

  11. Hey @Yesh

    Welcome to our community 🙂

    I'm sorry that she threatened to send to your family and friends. I can imagine that it was hurtful for you to have your trust broken like this; how are you feeling? Can I ask, do you know if she has sent the picture(s) to anyone? I have supported many people in similar situations to you, and I find that if the person is serious about posting/sending the pictures, then they do it straight away, and generally, the more time that passes, the less likely it is that they'll actually post or send the pictures. What do you think? Also, if you didn't already, it would be a good idea to report the account to Facebook so they can block and remove their account. 

  12. 12 hours ago, Rovianova_567 said:

    I would like to think that I can balance it but recently he told me that he didn't want to be in a relationship because of school and work. He admitted that he didn't want to hurt me at all. Not sure what I should do.


    Ah, okay. How did it feel when he said he didn't want to be in a relationship because of school and work? I'm wondering, have you told him that you think you can balance it? I remember you saying that you both really like each other, and I guess that if you want it to work, then you will find a way of making it happen despite having school and work to think about. 

  13. Hey,

    How are you doing today? Ah, that sounds great. As I said, it's good to find other areas that you can be independent in, because there might just be not much you can do until you are older. Also, medical sciences sounds great! Have you decided on which college to go to yet? 

  14. Hey @Blue22031

    Yeah, especially with being in your last year of school too; the pressure of exams is difficult, isn't it? Have you spoken to any of your teachers at school about how you're feeling?

    Also, sorry to hear that you think your life sucks because of the people in it. Can you tell me more about that please? Who do you mean? 

  15. Hey @Ezra-

    Yeah, it makes sense that it feels like things are getting worse because you haven't gotten help in the past, but I'm glad you've opened up to us here because we will be able to help you. I'm wondering, what kind of help do you think you need? Maybe you can also tell me what you've done already to try and work through these feelings. 

    Also, sorry to hear that it's difficult living with your mother. I think that everyone goes through a period of not getting along with their parent(s), and I'm curious to know, how does it feel living with her? What kind of impact do you think it has on you? 

  16. Hello @Blue22031

    Thank you for opening up to me about what happened in the past and how it's affecting you to this day. It sounds like you went through a lot, and I think it's really brave of you to open up about it here. How fo you feel now about what happened in the past? I just want to check, are you safe from them now? I hope you are. it's okay to say if you're not, and we will be able to help you if you aren't safe. Take care and speak soon. 

  17. 6 hours ago, Bi the way said:


    Honestly I am not really surprised but it is a bit disheartening. 
    Haha yeah I have quite a lot planned. I’ll be starting college in fall 2023.

    Hey @Bi the way

    Yeah, I totally get why this would feel disheartening for you. When we aren't able to have complete independence over an aspect of our life that is so important, it can be very emotional and hard to work through, but I'm glad that you're opening up. I'm wondering, is there anything else you could do at this point to feel more independent? It doesn't have to be in this area, it could be another part of your life. Also, even if these things only seem quite small, I think that it might help you to feel better about things. I remember you saying that you made some changes around distancing yourself from toxic friends and coming out. 

    Also, how exciting that you'll be starting college in a couple of years! What will you be studying? 

  18. Hey @Alex019

    Welcome to our community. I'm one of the digital mentors here which means that I give advice and support to those who reach out to us for advice 🙂 

    Thank you for explaining what's going on for you in this level of detail as it's really helped me to understand. How do you feel after sharing with us? I can totally see why you would get frustrated over reacting to people this way, because it seems like you're really aware of it and how it affects others. I'm wondering, how does it feel for you in the moment when you are interacting with a teacher? Also, I'm curious to know, how do you interact with other people in your life? 

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