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  1. Hey @Ams

    Thanks for coming to us for help 🙂. We have plenty of members here who have experienced the same kind of situation, so I hope that they will also be able to give you advice.

    How are you feeling? I just wanted to check in as I know this kind of situation can be really stressful as I've supported others through similar experiences. We are here for you every step of the way. Can I ask, by coming out, is there chance that you could be put in danger, like being physically or emotionally abused, kicked out, or possibly even sent for conversion therapy? Your safety is our main priority here, and if coming out means you are in danger, then we would say it's best to wait until you can move out, or at least have somewhere else to stay where you can be looked after by someone you trust. What do you think? 

  2. Hey @Kaitlyn

    Thank you for explaining how her family are. I think that with your friend, it could be a good sign that you've never heard her opinion; for many people, they are just okay with it all and don't even mention it - what do you think? Also, I'm glad to hear that your mom said she would always be there for you and I can imagine that this was really comforting for you to hear 🙂

    I'm wondering, if you are still anxious about the way your friend might react, is there a way you can try and find out how she feels about LGBTQ+? 

  3. Hey @Ams

    Thank you for posting here; we are here to talk with you and you are not alone 🙂

    I'm sorry that your mother did not accept you. It must have been really hurtful for her to react the way she did. How are you feeling about it all? I'm wondering, has it gotten any better since you came out, or do you think it's still the same? 

  4. Hey @Kaitlyn

    I'm glad to hear that you family know you like both guys and girls; how does it feel being out to them? I think that with this friend, although it would hurt to lose her, if they cannot accept your sexuality, then they probably aren't the best person to have around. What do you think? I'm wondering, has anything ever happened which makes you think that she might not be okay with having a bi friend? 

  5. Hey there,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having a hard time at homeschool and that you were bullied in public school too. Can I ask, how are you feeling at the moment? I hope that you're okay - we are here if you'd like to talk to us. I'm wondering, would you like to go back to public school? I can see that you were bullied there previously, but it sounds like you really want to socialise more.

  6. Hey there.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. It was quite poignant and moving; you write very well. I just want to say sorry to hear that there was no happy ending here, but with you saying that you don’t think you would have wanted one with him anyway, maybe it was for the best. I’m sure there is someone else out there for you. How are you doing at the moment? 



    Thanks for telling me how your dad reacted. This does happen to a lot of people who come out around your age, and it can be a really tough feeling to face. However, it does usually get better over time. Although he doesn't see it now, you can show him how sure you are by sticking to your word, and he will see how happy it makes you being out and then hopefully realise that this is not just a phase. However, you will have to be patient with it as it can take a while for people to come round. What do you think? 

    Also, can I ask, why do you feel like a selfish brat? 

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    Thank you for telling us more about how you're being bullied. I remember you mentioning this in your post on our community. I just want you to know that we care about your feelings and we are here to listen to you. Can I ask, how are you feeling about all of this? You can talk to us about absolutely anything.  I really do think that it would be good to tell someone at school about this; I know I've said this in my last reply to you, but you could just tell the teachers about what they're doing to you rather than why they're doing it (that's if you don't feel comfortable telling them that it's because of your sexuality). If they don't know, then they can't do anything. 

    Stay strong. You will get through this. 

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