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  1. mariumi


    Hey Ryker, nice to meet you and welcome! ^.^
  2. I used to suffer a lot when I was younger, I think I got cream from the doctors plus antihistamines. Have you spoken to them about it? Even now I use a lot of creams/moisturisers if I can feel part of myself needing it, Aveno is a good one but any will do. Also wetting a flannel with some water and wrapping in over the area if possible. Eczema can be so frustrating at times because sometimes it feels like nothing is working! Hopefully you can find something that helps you not think about it or soothe it
  3. Hey! Welcome to community! How are you? ^.^
  4. Hey Shay, that's terrible to hear and must be quite scary. Have you thought about putting a report into your local police? I think if you're being threatened with violence or something you're really worried about you can report it to them, especially if you know who it is they might be able to sort it out. Also have you let anybody else know? friends/family? that could be a good start too. One of the moderators will be able to give better advice to you when they are online!
  5. Hey Audrey, That's strange that he hasn't sent a picture or anything. He could be shy but still, I'd want to know that he is who he says he is. Have you tried using apps like FaceTime? myself and my partner were a long distance relationship for a while, but before we met I made sure that he was who he said he was. Where are you meeting if you don't mind me asking? When I've met people for the first time I've always made sure it was in a safe public area You'll get better advice when one of the moderators are online, but I would say maybe try again to call with him or something, or maybe ask him why he won't show himself before you meet? X
  6. Overwatch ^.^ Such a fun game \o/ Also Sunny how it WD2? I tried the trial but never bought the game
  7. mariumi

    XBOX or PS4?

    Hey Bingabong. I would recommend PS4, even just for the exclusives it has which have all been amazing: The Last of Us 1 (2 is coming this year), God of War, Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian, Persona 5 I could go on... Some upcoming are Detroit Becoming Human, Spiderman. You should have a look into it, Xbox doesn't have as many good exclusives. The graphics are great even on the normal PS4, they're amazing on the PRO too but both hold up to these amazing games! I also like the controller more its smaller and fits right into my hands nicely. While I do think PS4 is better Xbox ones are still decent I just think PS4s have more game choices ^.^
  8. My alarm would go off a lot when the batteries needed changing, maybe you should change them to see? Also I have a C02 alarm which I thought was a fire alarm going off, turns out my house was just a little gassy.
  9. Hey Meistar! Everybody's coming out stories are different, I myself haven't gone through it but I have had friends who have and none of them did it the same way. Reading your post what comes to my mind is maybe you could be bisexual? You can appreciate men and women, you could research that term maybe and see how you feel after? About telling your parents, everyone is different and some people might not have the bond with their parents where they feel comfortable to tell them and that's okay, there is no time limit on figuring out who you are. I'll link a great article from Ditch the Label with a few tips: https://www.ditchthelabel.org/coming-out-to-your-parents/ I'm not sure if I could be of much help but hopefully that gets you thinking and might be useful :-) - Mariumi X
  10. I agree with Harper, it's how you feel most comfortable! Love is love :-)
  11. No worries Ness! I'm glad that my story could be of some help! I too feel that some people look down on long distance relationships so I always feel a little awkward talking about how we met but I'm getting over that now as this is a very normal thing! ^.^
  12. Hey Ness! I can totally understand what you're going through as I went through it myself 2 and a half years ago. I met my now fiancee on a game called Final Fantasy. We instantly became friends and as the months went on we became closer and closer. Along comes my birthday he decides that he wants to come to visit me and by now I knew he was who he said he was we had talked over the phone/facetime ect. I told him no for almost a month because I was scared of what he might think of me. I also have PCOS which has many side effects that I am extremely self conscious about. In the end I told him to come and I was expecting the worst to happen, he would see me and not like me. In the end it worked out well, he told me that he didn't care about any of that because he had fallen in love with me for being ME and my personality. I am glad that I didn't wait any longer because I could've missed this opportunity. I can't say much on over coming insecurity and self esteem because it's something that I (and many many others) still battle with everyday but here is a helpful article from Ditch the Label that might be of help: https://www.ditchthelabel.org/top-10-tips-of-overcoming-low-self-esteem/ I hope it all goes well for you! try not to worry too much it can cause a lot of stress and I found that I was actually pushing him away when I did that! - Mariumi X
  13. Welcome to the community!! ^.^
  14. HEY MIMIMOO! Welcome to the Ditch the Label community! A great article on the Ditch the label website is this: https://www.ditchthelabel.org/top-11-tips-for-coming-out-as-lesbian-gay-or-bi/ It has 11 great tips that might be of help to you :-) Why don't you read it and see if any of them will be helpful? - Mariumi x
  15. cracking open the candle I've been saving and lighting it! Nothing better than a delicious smelling candle
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