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  1. Apologies for the typos. Auto correction keyboard.
  2. Hi Thank you for your response and support. Before joining the site, I did read the community articles. Still doing. I did report the situation family and some friends. But as the cyberbullying happens to be subtle they told me they don't truly grasp it, although when I ser family & and accquantainces messages on whatsapp my intuition tells me they ar refering to this case (through emojis and subtle comments) . I Will surely keep on Reading the articles to gain further insights on how to deal with this nightmare. Thank you. Kind Regards.
  3. Hi, I am new to the community. Came over for I am truly on the Edge. I am being cyberbullied for over 2 years. The bully apparently is a Facebook and instagram influencer with over 30million followers on her Facebook page and 670K followers on instagram. She is using her business pages to apply the cyberbullying and because of the huge amount of followers, her subtle false claims have gone viral. It's all over social média at the moment. I would truly appreciate If the community here can help me with strategies n how to deal with this situation.It's ruining my Life in every área. Much appreaciated.
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