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  1. Looooving your new POOP badge @Foggy_the_enby Another badge comin' up! Check the Ditch the Label Twitter Ghostie badge for you! You said nothing about POOP badges >_>
  2. Nice badge! Check your inbox @Nikita! That POOP badge looks awesome on your profile >:) 2 badges for you! Netflix.... or iTunes? You gotta choose only one! Loving your new profile pic >:) 2 badges and 25 points for you!
  3. Of course! Logging off now, got houses to haunt. But I'll be back to send out my tricks and treats tomorrow. Muahahahaa...
  4. You just earned 2 badges and 50 points!
  5. Nice profile picture Lilly...
  6. Nice badge... and all of those extra points - whewww
  7. Wow that POOP badge sure does look good on you...
  8. There's a badge coming your way..
  9. Check your badges >:)
  10. Muahahahahaahaaaa Ghostie here. Watch your back this Halloween because I'm here to cause some havoc on the Ditch the Label Community . I think what this Community needs is a decent game of trick or treat... so who's in? Comment below with trick OR treat if you're brave enough... >:) - Ghostie
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