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  1. Thanks and I promise you everything is going to be ok I promise fingers crossed x
  2. Hugs to you too I think you need one
  3. Your welcome I'm here if you need to talk
  4. Oh no I hope she gets better soon my prayers go out to you
  5. I am so sorry to hear that not that it's any of my business but what happened?
  6. How are you today anyway?
  7. Hey thanks for the hugs Ill probably say that a lot but I've needed one like immensely
  8. Hi thank you for that it does feel good to get it off my chest since I've kept so much of that from people for a while so I just really needed a good vent I'm just glad I found the support when I did because I was literally breaking down
  9. Thank you lily that does make me feel a lot better I am feeling better now that I've got that out there but it just sucks you know? no one should go through that and people shouldn't hurt you because of your disadvantage looking back now and writing that it made me realize that I wish my life has been different and my situation might be better do use the mix but not as much now cause I took a break but I'll start using it again at some point
  10. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Hate, Mental Illness, Other
  11. Blc


    You deserve to be here just like everyone else I don't know you personally but I can tell your a good person I'm here for you alright? Please don't do anything I know somebody who did there still here but it really scared me please don't you have a lot to live for those guys/ that guy is mind my language but a piece of shit you deserve to live br happy he doesn't this is coming from a guy but us men were all Garbage we don't know how treat girls so we treat them like toys something to play with no one deserves it
  12. Blc


    Noooo don't ever tell yourself that your not stupid your Still here and honestly that's all anyone can ever wish for really
  13. Blc


    It's ok don't worry about it I know someone whose gone through something similar like you I truly feel bad for both of you
  14. Blc


    I'm a guy but thanks for the compliment I appreciate it
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