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    you've got this!! you're so awesome!
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    hiya, I'm miles! pleasure to meet you :))
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  1. Hi! See, I thought that too. To answer your question, I don't necessarily act different. It stems from the fact that at first my approach was avoiding the person I liked at all costs, now it's evolved to me treating them like friends, I just get more flustered (even more than normally), so I'm a terrible person to base it off. Then again I'm not always very private about the people I like, so idk...
  2. lol yeah, I just don't have any time and my team either sucks or is way too good, to the point where it isn't fun to watch them utterly destroy everyone around them...
  3. ahhhh!!! okay, that makes sense, lol! honestly I watch far more basketball than soccer, which still isn't that much
  4. I'm clearly so out of the loop... what does that mean? also, in case you were curious, my name is miles
  5. hahaha, that's fair. btw do you go by lillyrose or just lilly or?...
  6. BAHAHAHAH!!! I JUST GOT WHAT YOU UNDERSTOOD!!!! nooooo!!! I didn't mean that you had to live up to me at all!! OoO
  7. what??? how?!!! I was referring to being funny!! also idk why it sent that deadpan smile, I meant to send a typed one, like this: :))
  8. yeah! blm needs to be talked about so much more, because it's more than those big hate crimes. the blue eye, brown eye experiment is really interesting to show this, if you have time to watch a quick video on it. because it really puts the small micro aggressions into perspective for those who aren't a poc and therefore can't relate as well. of course systemic racism and all of that is important to, but sometimes zooming can be even more impactful.
  9. oof, that's a lot to live up to... jk, jk, I'm happy to be friends
  10. swell is an awesome word, thank you very much /lh nah, but I'm 17
  11. hahaha, yeah that's fair. I guess it's personality, interest, looks and vibes all meshed together. (they also have to think you're a swell person too)
  12. hahaha, those are sweet qualities (I guess you also have a list of traits as opposed to physical features). tbh I don't really get your question... at the moment I'm sticking with unlabeled for my sexuality, but I'm a guy. hbu?
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