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  1. JessFlower33

    chit chat

    Bye popping people
  2. JessFlower33

    chit chat

    I pop my knees I love.the sound
  3. JessFlower33

    chit chat

    Lilly isn't on but she probably looking after Layla
  4. JessFlower33

    chit chat

    I only pop my knuckles Seems you had Lilly.?!
  5. JessFlower33

    chit chat

    My neck is sore I'm afraid I need to. Ice it, sleep tight ♥ Lilly and Co your all AMZING !!!!!! No worries
  6. JessFlower33

    chit chat

    Have we met? If not, then Hey! I'm Jess
  7. JessFlower33

    chit chat

    Hey guys! Hope you're well Your too excellent! Your a heart of gold We love you Lilly and Layla
  8. Lilly your beautiful your daughter would say the same your by far from being ugly. I doubt you are ugly ❤ your perfect don't change for anyone ❤
  9. Oh my goodness Lilly I'm so sorry . Judging yourself to others is normal but it puts negative things in your brain to make you feel you have to change to fit in when you don't. Being bulied is hard and it puts you down and makes you feel like rubbish which isn't right, have you told anyone about the bullying? ❤ the abuse wasn't your fault those people saw you in a way that I'd awful and my heart goes out to you . You've has it tough but you have Layla to focus on your strong and intelligent ❤ keep your head held high ❤
  10. Your not ugly. He is trying to get a reaction from you by telling you things that he is making up. Don't take any notice from him he is not worth crying over. We care about you ❤ Your personality is pretty your whole self is pretty
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