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  1. Lillyrose4's post in Help πŸ˜žπŸ˜“ was marked as the answer   
    hope ur ok
  2. Lillyrose4's post in Help πŸ˜žπŸ˜“ was marked as the answer   
    no probs. how is the eye now? if it dont clear up call your doctorsΒ 
  3. Lillyrose4's post in my abusive relationship am i in love? was marked as the answer   
    Thank you πŸ™‚
  4. Lillyrose4's post in am I a useless mother? *Please read* was marked as the answer   
    I thought about me being a mum to Layla. I am doing my best and I don't think I am a bad mum. Glad I am being strong!
  5. Lillyrose4's post in Feel like a burden was marked as the answer   
    YOURΒ  not a burden, your a survivor a awesome one! thank you for sharing your story and well done.Β  I am glad your still here with us because you have so much to show us and you can do this keep going. stressing and being sick is emotions getting powerful it's normal it really is sending youΒ  hugs and hope you feel better?
    feeling like you wanted to do things to yourself sounds scary and i am happy your here. being angry at that person i understandable and it's not your fault so don't blame yourself okay? you seem to love that person and that's lovely, i hope you don't die from the paranoia your getting, you can get support with this? would you like me to send a link over? maybe they show being annoyed by ignoring you because they are stuck how to handle and help you with your problem.Β  having nobody will isten is really heart breaking and im sorry.
    those bullies are assholes and don't let them get you down, they choose broken people and they take advantage it isnt your fault and again, well done for reaching out so wonderful well done. talking to someone would be good as you can constantly talk to the same person and so on. they can also give you things to help you? Betterhelp, THEMIX and shout are good to help if your feeling bad or down about your situation. crying dosent show the struggling side of us but it shows how strong your getting and you can overcome this, im here for you and keep reaching out your important!Β Β 
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