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    I'm bisexual, and love anime.
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  1. So my school was having a dance and i had a crush on my friend and i was pretty sure she liked me so i asked her to go to the dance with me she said yes, then the next day we are walking to lunch and our friends keep asking if we are dating, i asked her if she wanted to date me she said yes, and now we are dating. I'm really happy and this is my first gf, any tips on relationships??
  2. i already asked for a treat, but can i have a trick??
  3. im bisexual but i was raised christian ( my parents dont kno) a lot of people at my church say being gay/bi/pan/etc. isn't ok, i think i still believe in god but im not sure, a lot of people say different things and i'm not sure. but if i decide i dont believe in god, what then????
  4. I think u might be bisexual (u like girls and boys) or pansexual (u like girls, boys, and nonbinary), i'm still not entirely sure of my sexuality, sometimes i think maybe i'm lesbian, or pan, but that's okay. if u think ur friends would be supportive u should probably tell them, (if ur comfortable with it) its nice to have someone who knows, i got lucky and had friends who were, bi, pan, and lesbian that had recently come out who were understanding, i havnt come out to any of my family bcuz they are homophobic, so i cant give any advice on that
  5. the last 3 episodes of tpn season 1 made me cry so much, i havn't watched the 2nd season cuz iv'e heard its really bad. have u watched toilet bound hanako-kun
  6. I havn't seen any cyberbullying, homophobia, etc. everyone is nice, and all the topic iv'e seen have been answered, overall this community is amazing
  7. braces can dsuck, and a lot of people get them, (i will be getting them in a couple months) but when i was younger i always wanted braces bcuz i thought they looked cute . You are beautiful no matter what!!
  8. im bisexual too, ive come out too my friends, and i really want to come out to my parents, i was raised christian and ik that my parents will not support me, i probably shouldn't come out unless i get a gf, i still want to though. I don't really have any advice, i dont really know how/or when to come out either
  9. the text me back playlist on spotify has some great songs
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