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  1. So me and my boyfriend were long distance for about a year ,until last September when he moved in with me , recently iv had to move back to my home town(huddersfield) as out tenancy agreement was up ,and he had to go home (Bristol ) as is dad was very sick ,so we've been abcm to long distance for a few months , however at the start of October he's coming home and I still haven't found a place for to live ,I find it hard not to message him through out the day but I genuinely don't have anyone ,minus his friends who are with him so also can't talk ,but he's busy looking after his dad ,so I'm left feeling like a bit of a burden ,I'm veiwing houses while also traveling to Manchester for full time work and finding a home ,and nothing seems to go right ,we found a house and then it falls through ,I can't seem to keep my chin up ,he doesn't open to me so I don't know what's going on with him at home ,the most I get is 'just chilling ' I'm worried and I'm making myself I'll with anxiety ,Any advice is welcome x
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