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  1. Yes I totally agree. the real reason I hide my emotions in therapy is because I’m afraid to get yelled at again.
  2. why do i hide my emotions in therapy lately.
  3. my ex boyfriend told me to stop being so sensitive and stop being nice and stop being so emotional and he told me change my addute and how i feel and he told me he doesnt care if i have a bad day and he told me he doesnt care if i cry or not and he yelled at me constantly and told me he wants me to see the world as harsh and he told me im passive aggressive and he told me i need to get my act s*** together and he told me no one will validate my feelings anymore.
  4. yes it happened when my therapist was mentioning about my ex boyfriend
  5. yes i suffer with anxiety
  6. why was my legs shaking really bad when my therapist was mentioning my ex boyfriend in therapy session online yesterday.
  7. we had trouble schoulding a time and day to hangout. and i had a therapy session today online on facetime with sydney
  8. i feel abandoned and she didnt want to be friends with me anymore because me and her have trouble hanging out.
  9. my friend ella thinks i dont have a sprained ankle and she thinks im doing it for attention
  10. she didnt want to be friends with me anymore
  11. because old friend eileen who isnt friends with me anymore and now she is telling other friends that im bullying her when im not
  12. i teared up in therapy yesterday but i feel exposed and my therapist jess was being quiet
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