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    Hi I'm Sophie and I'm proud Lesbian. I struggle with severe depression and other mental illness like OCD, social anxiety, overthinking anxiety and other. I start to feel like I'm losing myself and i just need some advice on coming out, if you can relate, the tell, I'm open for opinions <3
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  1. I don't think so, maybe if my sister will talk about it with them but i don't know when will it happen
  2. Hi! I'm Sophie and I'm here to help. The first question is if you're sure about that you want to come out? Do you think it's the right time? If you are then here's what you should do. I'm pretty sure you should tell them that you want to talk with them about something serious. You should start the conversation with telling that you want to be yourself, that you don't feel comfortable with that who you are. Then tell them that how you feel, that you are being trapped in a body of gender you're not. If they will be trying to tell you it's a phase or anything else, try to tell them that it's how you really feel and who you are, that you expect from them to respect you and just to let you be the person who you really are, if they're good parents they will support you no matter what I hope this helps and take care!
  3. Hello I'm Sophie, here i come with a question if i should come out as a lesbian to my homophobic parents? So for 2 years I've been hiding my sexuality, it's not so hard but i feel like I'm not myself anymore. I wish to be able to be proud and not to hide, to have my pride flag and to be free. The problem is that they're homophobic, they skips everything with lgbt in movies, sometimes every assault them or call them nicknames. They talk like "It's an illness, it needs to be healed with a specialist" or when in some serie there is a lot of lgbt community they say "Netflix is trying to learn that they're good, they're crazy, it's an illness that's not normal!!". So that's short version of what i hear and i just don't know, I'm scared they would send me to therapy or something to "heal it" or even kick me out. But on the other hand I really want to be supported and to finally be free and can be who i am, I'm waiting for your opinions, take care beauties
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