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    I'm Jason and I'm a somewhat-closeted, somewhat-stealth, transgender man. I speak fluent English, German, and a little bit of French (learning it in school). I'm autistic and some of my special interests are astronomy, chemistry, math, and music. I also really enjoy drawing. At the moment, I'm really into the bands Slipknot and Rammstein.
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  1. Congratulations on your discovery, first of all. Like, genuinely. Gender is extremely hard a lot of times cause you don't even know how other people experience gender and if what you go through is normal or not. I genuinely always thought wishing I was a boy was just something every girl did for the longest time. So I'm happy for you for being able to figure it out so quickly. My parents are very phobic, too, you aren't alone. They pulled me out of the closet when I was 14 only to tell me I was too young to know my sexuality. They've said horrible things about the non-binary community with all three of their kids in the room, they've said things about the trans community that just isn't true at all, too. If I came out to them as trans, they'd probably try to convince me that I'm just a tomboy or a butch lesbian—and I resent them for the way they are when it comes to my identity. Don't let your parents try to convince you things like that. Don't let them try to manipulate who you are. You aren't them and shouldn't be them, and you shouldn't let them tell you who you are. I'm really new here, but I hope you're doing well. My partner has had the worst problems with cutting, I know that can get really really horrible for some people, please stay strong and take care of yourself. I'd totally be up to chat if you ever feel like it or need to talk.
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    My name is Jason. I'm a 17yo trans man, still in school. I present male online and around my friends (who I am out to), obviously dressing like a typical guy on a daily basis. I'd say I probably pass for the most part as long as you don't look at my face, but that's kind of besides the point. I'm neither out to my school nor to my parents, and I wanted to fix that. The thing with my parents is that they're kind of transphobic. I can't really say how transphobic, but they've definitely made comments like "This person is a man—but that's what they want you to think" or "These boys' parents force them to be women" etc. Not to mention they're extremely enbyphobic (though that doesn't exactly concern me personally as I am a binary man—it's still wrong, obviously). Despite all this, I really really want to come out to them and I know how I want to do it (giving them a gender reveal card that says "It's a boy!" before I leave on a school trip, though I'd have to make sure they realize I'm referring to myself so they don't think I'm pregnant or something???), I'm just extremely nervous and I'm not quite sure what exactly I'd want to tell them. I don't even know if it's a good idea, but I'm willing to try. The worst they could do is simply disregard it and reprimand me about it, but I know I probably wouldn't get grounded or anything like that. I really want to start medically transitioning—at the very least get more masculine clothing than the extremely limited amount I have at the moment. For school, I just genuinely have no clue how I'd do that. My entire class isn't exactly garbage, but I wouldn't say they're all that supportive of the LGBT community. They're the "I don't really care if you're straight or gay" kind, I feel. I don't really know how the teachers would be with this cause the vast majority of them don't show their own opinions or beliefs (as that isn't allowed for teachers to do where I live). My friend suggested I e-mail our class's main teacher, but I really don't know what I'd write and what I'd want to do after coming out to literally just one teacher. I don't think she really realizes how mortifying the idea of coming out is to me though (she's ace and her own coming out went really smoothly). I'm looking for advice, maybe tips and experiences from people who have already come out as non-cis to their parents/school, and just ideas of what to say to either when I do actually come out.
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