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  1. umi

    Choosing an enby name

    Hiii @ElijahB thank you so much <333
  2. Hey! I forgot to mention, I am genderfluid, and my pronouns change almost everyday, so sometimes it does match, but another times, when I'm using they/them (like today), it doesn't. I've searched, but there are very few, and honestly I don't even think they are remotely official nor practical, because they susbtitute the female or male termination for a sound we don't often use in our language, so it sounds weirdly. I've literally only found one google result for this, and like i said, they aren't practical at all. I will keep doing my research, but if there is any idea, I'm all ears
  3. umi

    Coming out as genderfluid

    Hey! hmm i guess he didn't really care becuase he doesn't "believe" in this stuff, nor has any sort of knowladge about it, and, as many people, he doesn't want to know the "right" way of thinking, because he only accepts his way of thinking. It will be very hard to get him to listen and remotely accept this, but i guess it's going to be a long process, in which i'll have to be very patiente.
  4. umi

    Choosing an enby name

    Hey everyone! I'm non-binary (genderfluid), and I am thinking about changing my name, because it's a very "feminine" name, at least in my country. I can't change it to a name of my language, because we don't have gender neutral names (sadly, i even checked lists and e.t.c.), so I will probably use a foreign name anyways. Does anyone have any cool name ideas, or any tip to find a good name that fits you? Note: in my country, it is not currently possible to officialy change ones name, only if you are trans MTF or FTM; so the name I would choose wouldn't be "eternal", it will only be used by my friends and close people. Have a nice day ^^
  5. Hey guys, I have a question for those who speak languages that don't have gender neutral pronouns nor names, like mine (portuguese), or anyone who has any ideas. In my language, we not only just have she/her or he/him pronouns, but almost every word has an he/him version or a she/her version, and no neutral version. Literally almost every word. It's very dificult to not misgender myself ahaha. But, yeah, does anyone has any advice or any idea about what to do in this situation? Appreciate your time
  6. umi

    Coming out as genderfluid

    Hey! Thank you so much for answering. I actually, sort of came out to him today. I didn't get to the part where i explain pronouns and how to use them and genderfluidness itself, but i told him i'm non-binary, and it didn't go badly, but it didn't go well either. He comes from a very conservative family, a very conserative country and a very conservative mindset, so he sees these stuff in an homophobic and transphobic way. He doesn't want to be any of that, but he ends up having certain points of view in some subjects that are not the right ones to have. I'll proceed the conversation with him, slowly to try to make him understand. Answering your question, I kind of feel the need of coming out, not ina bad way i guess, it just sort of hurts me when people misgender me. Thank you for your time ^^
  7. Hey everyone! I'm new here, don't know how it works, but i'm gonna give it a try. Im genderfluid, AFAB (assigned female at birth), and my pronouns change. I want to come out to my cisgender straight boyfriend, who doesn't know much about genders and pronouns, He was supportive when i came out as bisexual, but i'm not sure if he will be okay with this and i don't know how to tell him. My lgbt friend told me to not rush it and take my time, but sometimes i feel more enby or even masculine, and everytime he uses she/her pronouns i feel like trowing up (in my native language, we don't have neutral pronouns and use feminine and masculine for almost every word). I don't know what to do, if anyone has any advice, I'm all ears.
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