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  1. Hey Will definitely update you on the applications! Nothing new at the moment Thanks!
  2. Hey I am doing fine. I hope you’re doing well too! Yeah it did feel nice to think about it. I have finalized a few colleges in my state and a few in some other states. I’ll be happy to get into any of them!
  3. Hey I think I do have some sort of financial independence and as I’ve gotten older they are slightly less involved in my friend circle. Yeah I am really looking forward to college! I’ll be pursuing medical sciences.
  4. Thanks! I used to think the same and I think that's why it took me 2 years to accept myself. I am glad that you’ve become more accepting of yourself now
  5. Hey Honestly I am not really surprised but it is a bit disheartening. Haha yeah I have quite a lot planned. I’ll be starting college in fall 2023.
  6. Hey I do have some liberty but ultimately they’ll be the one who will make the final decision.
  7. Hey I came out to a few more people and I eliminated some of the toxic friends I had so I just feel more peaceful these days. I also came out to a few more people so I feel more accepting of myself. I have tried to be vocal about my lack of independence but it hasn’t worked out in the past so I feel that the only thing which would give me more independence is when I got the college because I’ll be on my own then.
  8. Hey I am feeling a bit better. I just feel very restrained at home and I don’t think there’s a sense of equality if it makes sense. Luckily I have mainly decided what I want to do in the future (while where I live it’s considered normal to completely dictate your child’s life) but they do try to step in at times to make sure I am doing things their way (example- their choice of college) and to establish whatever sense of control they can.
  9. I am doing fine. I did talk to her about it when I was very young but she got really angry so I never mentioned it again. Nowadays I don't feel seen at all as my parents have become really controlling and even try to decide my career choices.
  10. Sorry the insert image option was by mistake
  11. Hey I am fine. I hope you're doing well too! I just don't feel very seen/heard at home. My mom is wonderful and is really considerate most of the time but she's very short tempered and often she unconsciously says stuff which impacts me a lot (a mild example would be that she often calls me a selfish brat) and she often ignores my opinions and this would make me feel really worthless as a child, which is why I keep my distance now as I can't handle it with so much else going on. We are very open with each other but of course not as close. Insert image from URL
  12. Hey We did talk about it when the incident took place and it just ended up being a blame game and she thought I was making false accusations. We aren’t fighting now but we aren’t on good terms either. I have always been very close to my mother but recently I have observed that we have quite a weird dynamic. She’s the most supportive parent half of the time while sometimes she ends up being unintentionally so emotionally abusive. I do feel that we do have a toxic relationship but I can’t eliminate her so I have unconsciously gotten a bit distant from her. I know that my father wouldn’t be the most supportive when I come out to him but I am trying to be a bit optimistic. Also as you’ve mentioned (and as the article you’ve referred to pointed out), I am his child so he may accept me someday. I have never been close to him and as I child I would often cry as I thought he didn't love me so it's a bit difficult to predict how things will go with him. I have also been thinking about prolonging when I’ll come out for a few years as one of my main concerns is the lack of an open discussion as he's not as educated about the LGBTQIA+ community so I feel an open discussion and addressing his opinions will be helpful but I feel he wouldn't be up for that. Also thank you for your help and the article is also really helpful.
  13. Hey I am doing fine just a lot of stress from school. I hope you’re doing well too. Thanks for asking:) I was in emotional turmoil when I had to go through that. Since this incident, I have distanced myself from her as I found it difficult to trust her and now I am closer to the other two common best friends we have(2 of the only people I’ve come out to). I just feel better eliminating people I find toxic from my life. My father is quite stubborn. He always defends his views completely disregarding what the other person is saying. So initially, of course, he wouldn’t take it well and I am not sure if that will ever improve but, probably it will take a lot of time for things to be normal again. I am uncertain about how my mother would react but most probably it would be better than my fathers' reaction.
  14. Hey There’s quite a complicated story behind that. I did try to open up to my mother that I liked the guy I was dating at that time but she didn’t like the fact that I was dating. Everyone is very conservative in my neighborhood and one of my best friends' parents got to know about my relationship and would often cook up stories about how I was negatively influencing their daughter and that made my mom very suspicious. My father said that it was a “shame” that his friend's son was doing so well yet he was gay and that made me feel really sad.
  15. Hey I have always been very close to my parents, especially my mother but after I started 9th grade when I tried to open up to her about my dating life and tried to tell her about the guy I was dating, she was very apprehensive and would even go through my chats behind my back. There's also been a lot of academic pressure from my father's side while my mother is proud of how I am doing in school. Since then I feel that I have drifted apart from them and we haven’t been very open about certain topics but it could also be because I live in a very conservative society where such conversations are not encouraged. A few weeks ago, my father made fun of one of his friend's son because he’s gay and he also commented about how gay men are very “feminine.” I have been thinking about this incident ever since and it makes me feel sad about how normalized such comments are where I live. It also makes me feel that I won't be accepted if I come out and my parents may try to hide my identity or may be concerned about what other people think about our family( which is really important to them)
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