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  1. Hiii! Thank u so much<33 I'm not sure if u were talking to me but hello!!:))
  2. I still don't know how to use this so I can't start a message or anything lmaoo but I would love talking more to u:)) u sound amazing<33
  3. Hii:) I'm not sure what u mean by "what do u reckon?" cause English is not my first language lmao but I really do agree with everything u said! I guess sometimes I just feel very discouraged to do things, I always try doing new things to see what I like and what I'm good at and I always end up giving up:/
  4. Heyy!! SAME I'm really confused by how to use this but It's all good:)) It really is hard understanding my sexuality too:/ but I would love talking to u!!<33
  5. Heyy! YAAAS I would love talking to u and swaping tips:)) Ur style sounds really amazing and I would love to know more about u<33
  6. Heyy:)) Lately I've been feeling kind of sad because I don't really have anything that I'm good at and I see no purpose :// Thank u so much for reaching out btw!!<33
  7. Heyy, I'm new here so I'm just gonna introduce myself lmaoo. I'm soph, my pronouns r she/her and I think I identify as bi (I'm still very confused tho and I sometimes feel like "queer" or "pan" suit me better). I've never really had anything romantically with anyone except for this girl who was by best friend but we don't talk anymore:// Sometimes I feel like I want to talk about this things with someone but I don't really have anyone, If u want to be listened to or if u just wanna talk I'm here:))<33.
  8. Hii, I've always wanted to dress more masculine but at the same time I love some feminine things too:)) I'm just not that confident to go out with more masculine or androgynous stuff but it's my dream lmao:))<3
  9. Heyy, I haven't really told anyone but I know two of my friends know:/ I actually had a thing with one of them but we don't talk anymore:(( The other one just speaks of it normally and I like that she knows and doesn't make a big deal about it:))How about u?? I'm new here so I would love talking to u<33
  10. Heyy:) I also think I'm bi and I'm also confused all the time lmao I just started using this page so I'm so confused (as always) but I would love talking with you<33
  11. Hii I think I'm bi too and I would love talking with u:)) I don't really know how to use this lmaoo
  12. sophh


    Hii I'm new here so I don't know how to use this lmao but I'm here whenever u want to talk:))<3
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