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  1. vidu

    I feel ugly

    Ever since I saw this trend on tiktok about your face's symmetry.so basically,you just flip the camera and it shows you what you really look like,that started one or two months ago?but since my confidence was really really high,it didn't bother me a lot.but I started feeling ugly from maybe last week?but I think I can make it better by myself by getting off of tiktok and pinterest for a while.
  2. vidu

    I feel ugly

    Even tho people and my friends call me pretty,other kids have crushes on me,I still feel ugly.the way I look in selfies is really pretty but with the rear view camera,my face is so,,,, assymetrical and my nose is huge.and bc all my confidence is based on how I look in selfies and the mirror, that's not how other people see me is it?so it's not that I think I look hideous,it's just that I found out that all my confidence was based on how I look in mirrors and selfies but that's not how others see me and that's not how I actually look so my confidence was all fake
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