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  1. Seth

    i need help

    I'm not really comfortable with expressing my thought on those moments,but i appreciate you asking. The autism stuff is things that i see or hear diagnosed autistics talk about,that i heavily relate to. Ive tried to put together a list of them before,but it didn't work out
  2. Seth

    i need help

    I usually shut myself off or have a breakdown on my own. I'm not diagnosed but more than one person has agreed,that i might have autism/some type of nd, so these breakdowns can be big, but they're mostly silent . I used to have really bad anger issues,and i still do, but i try not to act on them now. Ive told my friends about it,but because of me being scared i laugh it off. They still take it serious and agree with me,that it's wrong,but no one's "helped me fix it" yet.
  3. Seth

    i need help

    Things are constantly bad with her,so I don't really know how to explain it other than normal. She herself doesn't think anything is wrong tho.
  4. Seth

    i need help

    She doest say anything,we kinda just go to separate rooms. I don't know about any support in my school at the moment. I really don't feel like I'll survive living another 2 years with her,until i can move out.
  5. Seth

    i need help

    Id really like to start therapy, But whenever i bring it up with my mom, she asks me why i cant talk with her. I try to explain that talking with a professional is gonna help a lot more than just talking to her. Ive gone to a school psychiatrist a few times before (similar to a counsellor i think) but they dont have anything like that at my new school. Living with my mom is difficult, cuz she says she supports me, but doesnt really act like it. She also gaslights me a bit. For years (and still a little now) i thought that the tone i use when mad or frustrated was me screaming or raising my voice, but its really not. She constantly tells me that stuff that i do is wrong or that my physical problems are cuz of my weight ,activities or "me eating wrong" when she hasnt even noticed the periods of not eating that i go through. We bicker or fight almost every day and right after she acts as if nothing is wrong. I think the biggest impact i have from all this is not knowing myself, bit of impostor syndrome and definitely the confidence and personality issues.
  6. Seth

    i need help

    Things might be getting worse because I haven't gotten help in the past. I don't have a very good relationship with either of my parent either, especially my mom and living with her is pressureing me a lot. She fights back almost everything I say,but still "supports" free speech
  7. Thank you. Since I posted this ,I have figured out myself a bit more,still no "final identity" (if that makes sense) but I'm getting there.
  8. Seth

    i need help

    Hi. Im safe i guess, just really not feeling well. I appreciate the worries. I hope to get through this,but it really is tough.
  9. Seth

    i need help

    This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Self-Harm
  10. My language doesnt have pronouns so people use them when speaking english. Im good with telling people my pronouns but i feel like a badge might be too much. Im feeling better for sure,but its probs gonna take time.
  11. HI. Being called he is good, i like it, i dont experience it a lot, but it does feel nice. Thinking about it, i might not like being called a boy, cuz it was used to bully me in middle school. Talking about it, it might get better with time.
  12. Ive know that i was trans (transmasc) since i was 11, but recently ive been a bit confused. I identify as a trans non-binary and use he/ze/they pronouns. Ive never worried about being misgenderd, cuz i live in a coutry where a lot of the language is gender neutral (still misgendering happens, but its a lot less). Only recently have i been confused, like when i was called someones boy best friend. It felt strange. Could it be im just not used to it? Calling myself a boy feels wrong but calling myself a person also doesnt seem right. It might just be that ive been misgenderd up until now and its my first time being accepted. Still id like to hear someone elses thoughts on this.
  13. Thank you. Ill try to talk things through with them.
  14. HI. Im safe, trying to look for help, just worried i wont be myself anymore. The friends that i had feelings for dont talk to me anymore and avoid contact, so i think thats an affect.
  15. Ive lived in the same city for about 9 years and now im moving 2-3 h away. I was sure i had a good amount of friends, but now, this summer, almost noone has talked to me. I have 2 friends who have wanted to hang out. A few girls from my class said they would host a sending away party for me, but now they dont talk to me. Ive felt so alone for months now. Because of my moms job, i havent seen her a lot either. Everything i do feels wrong. Im scared of going to a new school with new people, cuz i dont exactly fit in. Talking about my problems and feelings feels like im doing it for attention. Im always confused and angry with myself. Ive ruined 3 friend/relationships this year by having feelings. Im scared i wont make it through this year.
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