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  1. im doing okay today, just really tired etc. How about you? I think bigender would fit both but I don't want both I want one. I get happier being precieved as a boy, just my body isn't really co-operating. Idk wether it is dysphoria or just insecurity, all I know it's not fun.
  2. okayy, so I feel like there is a boy and a girl trapper inside one body who cant agree on anything. And unlabelled makes those two both happy. I do know I prefer to present Masculine. I do know that I like they/them. But there actually, rn I am fine with myself. Being unlabelled and not needing to fit into anything makes me glad. I don't want to fit in any boxes accept one that is not a box. Maybe I use unlabelled as a label but I'm happy to use it. This doesn't mean im agender, I am A gender, just none that is anyones concern and not even mine. Maybe I would be happier in a guys body but I guess I can take enough with the one I have now. Just really hope I can get top surgery because that is the only thing that is absolutely not mine, they dont even feel mine. But I dont want plastic surgery so that's wakky. Idk who I am or who I am supposed to be, but rn I am just masculine me and I am happy to be I might have my bad moments but its fine
  3. uh, idk anymore. Being unlabelled is awesome and its comftrable but there is not rly a way to explain it to people.
  4. Heyy Monsoon! I'm fine thanks. Talking about it? It's kind off comfronting because I usually just ignore stuff till it goes away and talking about it makes it seem real. But it's alright, someone talking to me about it makes me feel less alone so I don't mind it. I think that'll take a long long long time or just never. That's why I go by unlabelled now so I don't have to pick or choose anything and I don't have to worry about it, and I actually like that.
  5. idk, I just sometimes feel like I am just borrowing this body it isn't mine, it doesn't match inside me. Maybe it is just insecurity but something doesn't feel right. People mentioning that I am female just, itches it's not right but I can't say shit abt it. And Idk if I'm fr trans or not, I rather not. I just want to be happy and idk if I am able to do that as a girl but I will try but just. Gosh it's so complicated I hate it smh.
  6. So, I think I might be trans which I do not want at all. I wish I was just born as the gender I feel things would have been less complicated. I don´t want to come out but if I don´t then I´ll probably never get the help I need. My footbal team is transphobic. My grandparents are boomers, my dad just doesn´t understand stuff and my friends.. One of my friends is trans (genderqueer) kinda and it makes me feel fake. I mean I can just be a trander (a trans person doing it for the "trend" I think, atleast that's what ive heard) And I just feel like I am faking and god I hope that I am. I will be keeping this a secret for years probably, till im old enough to move out I guess. I've always said I wanted to be a boy when I was 9 but everyone just laughed it off and me also thought this was just a joke?? But what if I am faking? I don't want to be trans I just want to be a cis person and feel like a cis person. I just want this to pass and not think about gender all day everyday. I don't want to be sad when I look in the mirror. I don't want to be scared to speak because that'll make me not pass as which gender I want to be anymore. But do I want to be that gender?? I am just lost, what the frick do I do?
  7. oooh thrillers, playing like you're a detective haha. Never actually gave thrillers a try, I could read it sometime. Yeahh, when there's one there is more. So I found Brandon sanderson and Nicola Yoon. Really awesome to find books you like.
  8. Yes!! I'm on a Adam Silvera mission, I already read all Patricks books (which are only 2 novels and a side story yet) Never found someone who loves the same books as me tbh, my friends dont come close to how much I read. What are your absolute fav books/authors??
  9. alright! And my fav types of books are fantasy/contemporary with like 600 pages? Authors probably Patrick rothfuss, Rainbow rowell, Adam silvera and Marlies Slegers probably, A whole list lol
  10. im ok, how about you? doing anything fun?
  11. Hello Blondie, Can I? that's very hard but uh, I like my freckles. I like that i'm creative, two more.. That I can sink into a book fast? I can't think of a 4th one tbh. But those are 3?
  12. Goodmorning, I'm doing alr, idk. How have you been? It really would yeah haha. Idk how I ever could tbh, I dress in masc clothes since I was able to choose my own, I tried wearing dresses but I just don't feel very comftrable in them, I mean my style is mostly just oversized everything lol. Yeah what else to try. Absolutly no idea, I already have short hair I used to have it reach the bottom of my back weird to think that now. Binding isn't much change either, I am flat with a sports bra already. I have no idea how to figure it out. Maybe a huge part of my problem lays in self acceptance, I've never liked *me* well, have a nice day Monsoon!
  13. hello! what do I think? good question. Idk someone just telling me what and who I am. Idk it's just very hard and if only we could just get a random notification on our phone telling us "hey you're a boy, sorry that you were put in the wrong body but hey! here are some things you could do that help, byeee" idk-
  14. hahah that's very very random
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