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  1. today ı started doing exercising and riding bicycle.I feel better right now.And having no bad thing with my friend.I talked to him and everything is fine right now.Sorry for my bad english.So the point is ı feel better than the yesterday.Have a nice day great people!
  2. thank you for helping me ın this bad situation.I really love you all.I am going to talk to my friend tomorrow.Have a nice day!
  3. It started like 1 or 2 years ago.When ı became a teenager ı started more arguing with my family,my friends etc.Now ı only have 1 close friend.But ı starting to feel like he getting away from me and ı don't know why.I did not done a such thing.I always had a respect to my family,to my friends,to everyone actually.And ı don't know why ı started to think ı am ugly.I want to change something ın my life but something just stops me to do that.I need some help.
  4. when ı look in the mirror,ı see a monster right there,ıdk ı hate myself a lot.Even my family thinks ı am a mess.Don't have too much friends.Bad life,every negative thing is in my life
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