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  1. Thank you for the concern! I’m doing ok, how are you? I can assure you that my sister is ok and safe, also she is around 21. While my dad has been abuse in the past, there has been only rare occasions that it’s physical. I will be 19 when I graduate and move out for collage and that’s almost 4 years from now. While my mom has had thought of divorcing my dad, we haven’t had that much money at the moment. Anyways, how’s your life? Anything fun or new?
  2. I am a lesbian, have been for a while. The rest of my immediate family knows, except my dad. I have an older (male to female) sister and she was kinda kicked out. I’m not sure if it’s for a different reason or not but yea. I’m scared that if I tell my dad that I like girls and only girls, he will kick me out or send me somewhere. (I’m below the legal leaving home age) I feel like I should tell him cuz he’s the only one who doesn’t know, it sucks to keep it hidden. He thinks everyone should have long hair, even guys, but I have a chronic illness and I get hot easier than most. I was born with the thickest hair in my family and just like short cut hair. My mom was able to talk him into letting me have an undercut but won’t let the rest of my hair go above my shoulders. I really want boy short hair and freely date who I like without fear. What should I do? I could wait till a graduate in like 4ish years but I don’t want to.
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