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  1. It felt great, expressing myself and opening truly helped me alot and gave me hope. They prescribed me medication that I have to take.
  2. Yes, I have spoken to my doctor. He referred me to a psychiatrist. I went to see a psychiatrist today, he prescribed some medications, and had a sit-down with him. He figured out that I'm experiencing almost every symptom of depression.
  3. Being around my friends truly helps me a lot, I get carried away and have fun and I tend not to think too much. Or just when I'm away from home. When I'm at home I get anxious, and think alot. Mind you, this is literally the place where I have been when I was battling covid, and when I recovered my depression started right after. I think I need a new environment until I get myself back together again. Or what do you suggest?
  4. Yes, it's more of fear of dying. I've lost loved one's due to covid, and when I got it, it really did Shake my heart. Even though I'm covid Free now, the anxiety is still kicking in, and I tend to panic a lot. Imagine waking up, and thinking like "what if this is my last day". that's the thought I literally wake up with everyday, and it controls my whole da literally.
  5. No I haven't been suicidal, but I just tend to feel like everyday is my last day to live, or I'm about to die. I feel So hopeless, and all this bad thoughts are driving me crazy. Even how hard I try to be positive, the bad thoughts are coming back, causing me to have anxiety and to panic. Being at home feels like a nightmare, all I do is sleep all day to ascape from reality.
  6. I tend to think about death, literally most of the time and it terrifies me.
  7. I have been suffering from depression after recovering from covid. I need help on how to overcome it. I have been feeling So hopeless. I don't feel like myself anymore, everything feels So invisible around me. I'm terrified at night, I can't sleep. Everything seem to irritate me, I feel like I'm in a whole new different world. I don't like school anymore. What should I do? Please help?
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