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  1. Hi everyone, I made this for people who struggle with their sexuality, relationships etc and to help people be themselves and love themselves!
  2. Thanks, now I have told my mum, I’m telling my dad tomorrow and I think I will be ok then! Thank you for helping me through this.
  3. Yesterday was my 12th birthday (thats why i wasn’t really online) and I decided I couldn’t keep the secret alone anymore so when my mum tucked my into bed, I just burst out crying and she got really upset because she thought I didn’t enjoy my birthday until we were both crying so I had to tell her. She cried some more but she got over it quite quickly and asked me questions like how did I know, how long did I know etc and I answered all of them. After that, she said she will always love me just the way I am and she will help me tell my dad when I feel ready and then she carried on as normal (although when we get onto the topic now, she is careful what she says).
  4. I openly asked my dad about a week ago what he would think if I came out as lesbian or bi or something and he just went silent and I could see he was very uncomfortable so I bought up the topic with my other relatives and they had the same reaction although some were much worse than others and I have the feeling that my dad may kick me out if I tell him. It has been really hard to keep this a secret for so long because I never hide things from my parents and always try to tell the truth so I have accidentally been leaving clues for my mum and that is why I found this website.
  5. @Saphira Thank you and congrats, I just saw the post when you came out, you must be very brave
  6. I like the idea of them all living in a hole but can it be one that is never ending?
  7. Hi, I’m new as well and I am 11 years old.I am here for advice because I am bi but my dad is homophobic and so are my grandparents and all my other relatives on my dads side of the family. I have known I’m bi for about 4 months and I know my mum will support me (hopefully) but I am terrified because sometimes she can be unpredictable. If anyone can help me please I would really appreciate it. Thanks and sorry if my life just came spilling out
  8. Mine are Sssniperwolf, Norris Nuts, Claire Siobhan and Family Fizz
  9. I would say tell someone you trust like a sibling or a friend and ask for them to be there when you get a plan to tell your parents (sorry if I’m no help it is just a suggestion my cousin found useful)
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