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    hii i am poosheen! i am bisexual and bi-myself so feel free to message me; i would be happy to chat. :)
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  1. "Hi Mom, The reason I wrote this to you is because I need to tell you something important. I’m bi. This is not just a phase. I know because I’ve taken some time to realize and accept it. I don’t want to feel like I’m hiding things from you constantly and want you to know the truth. I hope I am able to rely on you for support and guidance throughout my life. I think it would be nice if we wrote to each other like this or talked face-to-face more often and hope we have a better relationship. Please don’t out me to anyone else, I trust you and that’s why I am telling you. Thank you for taking the time to read this." Any suggestions? I also need some info links if you know any helpful websites.
  2. Yeah, I think that sounds good, thank you! I'll let you know how it goes
  3. So I need help with coming out as bi. I am currently 13 and I want to come out to my mom. My dad is a little homophobic, but they are divorced so if I came out to her I know she wouldn't tell him. The only people I've told are my close friends, sister, and cousin. We've talked about LGBT+ stuff before, so I know she is ok talking about it. I feel like I'm lying to her and keep almost spilling it. How should I do it in a way that she won't freak out?
  4. wow your friend is crazy my favorites are: iroh, toph, appa, zuzu, and suki!
  5. Oh fun! My aunt and uncle just moved to a new house so I've been helping them pack.
  6. thank you for replying!
  7. (this isn't a private question so i didn't think it was necessary to make a support request) are we allowed to share discord usernames? i wanted to chat with someone so i clicked message but it said "To keep you safe, only Ditch the Label staff can start a Private Message." it's a little annoying having to check back at a specific post so i was just wondering if there was an easier way to chat 1-on-1.
  8. GASP you like avatar the last airbender?
  9. oh neat! how's your day goin?
  10. hey so I wasn't sure where to post this so it's going here! I was wondering if anyone wanted to chat and possibly be friends. I'm not currently at my usual home and there's a huge time difference so I can't talk to most of my friends. I like gaming, reading, singing, dancing, and a lot more so if you're into that stuff please reply! Looking for mainly 12-14 y/o
  11. poosheen


    hi everyone, im bi and my pronouns are she/her. i don't talk very much at school or in big groups so i haven't been able to connect with many queer people. i saw this link on a quiz site and im super bored so yeah haha! hopefully ill make a new friend or two and learn more about the lgbt+ community
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