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  1. hii everyone! sorry I haven't checked this lately! Echo-yes the septum piercing is the middle of the nose Also, nice to meet you Xany and Willow in Purple!
  2. a pixie cut is a very short hair cut. there are different variations of it so it's hard to choose which one I will go with! if you google it or look it up on pinterest, you'll see what I mean :)) I am safe- I just fear judgement I guess! My family can be a little old fashioned in their opinions. But I know that they wouldn't react TOO harshly. OMG i'm wearing black jeans right now- they are the absolute best. Especially if they're baggy, they're perfect for an andro look. On another note, instead of cutting my hair right now- I am getting my septum pierced!! I'm soooo siked. I have to wait until NEXT friday bcs I'm going white water rafting... which wouldn't be good with a fresh piercing! Anyways- I'm just thrilled to be getting it done. I've wanted one foreverrrrrr. What are you up to lately?
  3. hey! thanks for the reply :)) I'm struggling to find how I would like to present myself, as I am heavily influenced by the people around me and their styles. I think going thrifting and seeing what I'm drawn to is how I find items "my style"- so i'll continue to do to. And the items I get thrifting are always very androgynous pieces- which, to me, is a good way to combine femme and masc. I'm taking it day-by-day and basing my outfits on my moods! I think I'll leave my hair alone until I'm feeling more sure of myself and my identity. Buuut I do want to pick up a rainbow bracelet just to indicate that I am bi to other ppl.
  4. Lot's to think about with my hair! Pixie cut would be awesome but I'm scared how my family will react. mom jeans are the BEST, I highly recommend!! and sorry I meant t-shirt, oops LOL. oooo I just bought a button up with some cool coloured shapes on it, I adore it- very andro
  5. ah well i'm sorry you don't have more opportunity to experiment with your style! haha I felt that, creating outfits at night is kinda fun thooo. I like to wear mom jeans and collared tea shirts for somewhat androgynous style. I haven't really mastered it or anything, baggy clothes can do the trick too! rn im debating wether on not I should get a pixie cut.... I really want one buuuut at the same time I dont bcs its not a comfortable change. I like having long hair but I also want to have short hair sooo bad. ugh im indecisive lmaooo
  6. It is a hard feeling. For now im just reaching for whatever clothes I prefer that day, and trying not to be hard on myself for not committing to one style!
  7. Hey Echo! Nice to meet you :)) Thanks for the tip, I'll def try in a week or two. And yay! I've been struggling with my image for a bit and honestly can't decide if I like to dress masc or femme more... do you have this problem? I would also love to dress more androgynous. idk its just confusing loll
  8. Hi all! So I feel like I'm having an identity crisis lately because I can't figure out who I am, who I like, how to dress, or how to act. I think I'm bi (she/her) , and really want to start dating girls, but I feel like I look too straight to be approached. Whenever I dress more masculine, I feel like people know I'm queer, which is what I like. But I also really like dressing femme, but don't want to look straight (if that makes sense). So I guess I'm looking for advice on how to make my femme looks appear more ~fruity~ so that girls know I like girls. I was thinking of getting a rainbow bracelet or something. Or switching up my hair to make it look more queer. I dont know, any thoughts?
  9. I haven't come out to them yet, but I can only imagine how it's going to go. My Dad only believes in straight and gay, nothing in between, so it will take some explaining for him to understand that I'm bi. And my Mom will prob get insanely uncomfortable but will support me. Have you come out to yours? What was your experience?
  10. hii everyone, I am bi and my pronouns are she/her. I saw this forum advertised on a google page, so here I am. I tried TrevorSpace but couldn't make an account. I'm really glad I found this bcs I wanna reach out to some fellow LGBTQ people! Basically I'm confused all of the time and need some buddies to talk about sexuality and gender identity with
  11. hii! I'm also questioning my sexuality and need some queer friends to talk with!
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