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  1. Liam Thompson, mark rober and special books by special kids.
  2. Dear Monsoon, I had a crush on this one guy who was a year older than me and three grades above me. I would become nervous when I talked to him and always got excited when I saw him because he seemed really nice. When I was younger I liked a kid in my theater class. I really enjoyed spending time with him but I later learned he was gay. But I also have awkward moments with female friends that I'm not as close to as I used to be. I question my sexuality because I've never been asked out and feel like most of my friends are lgbtqia+ so why shouldn't I be. My crushes are pretty rare and last long, but my friends seem to switch every year. I don't really feel like I belong but the rainbow community seems so welcoming. Maybe I just want to be a part of it.
  3. I'm not sure what my sexuality is, but most of my friends have some idea of what they are. I know my pronouns are her / she, and think I am attracted to guys but all the straight ones I've met are not as nice as the gay ones. I look at boobs, yes, but only to compare them with my own because I'm self-conscious about them. I guess I'll just experiment when I'm older but I would like to know what my sexuality is now. Also, I don't see why people like sex so much. I don't want to offend people when I say that sticking my finger up someone's vagina or putting someone's penis in my mouth doesn't seem that exciting. Having a penis put up my vagina doesn't seem too bad I guess... Does that mean I'm straight? What does sexual attraction feel like? Thanks in advance, 15 year old female.
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