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  1. Maybe I will talk to them, thanks for the help and reassurance
  2. Hello, I am quite a newbie on here, but I have a group of friends and I just do not think, they care about me. I might be overreacting but there is this one girl who is constantly rude in her replies, she's like the mean girl and that's her personality, I mean i don't mind it but it is exhausting talking to someone like that. She is one sided and everything is about her and what she wants, I feel like I am suffocating. When ever i give her something she just doesnt seem to like it or doesn't appreciate it and maybe that's how she is, but she literally will not say thank you. Maybe I need to let her go from my life but tbh she is friends with everyone I dont want her to hold a grudge on me. and turn others on me. Idk what to do. To be honest almost all my friends are like that, another one just doesnt text me back and when she does, she completely ignores my messages, why cant they give a shit I do not get it. I wanna cut them all off and tbh that could make me a happier person but I dont know how to and do not have the balls to do it. I wanna start afresh, all alone.
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