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  1. Posting your status Going on holiday? Want your friends on Community to know you're AFK for a few days? We've introduced statuses that will now appear on your profile and beside all of your posts on Community. You can easily set your status by heading to your profile, clicking edit and then customising your status text. Once set, it will display across Community until you either update or delete it.
  2. Exit Button We understand that some users may be triggered by content. Our Exit Button feature allows users to exit out of the site and onto their internet browser at just a click of a button. By default, it will show in the bottom right of your screen and when pressed will direct you to your internet browser homepage. You can also press the ESC key on your keyboard to instantly leave the website. We know how important your privacy is to you and hope you'll enjoy this feature. You can change the location of the escape button on your screen, along with the website you're taken to in Account Settings.
  3. Healthy Debate We recognise that users will have disagreements from time-to-time and we ask that all debate is respectful and does not progress to conflict . You may choose to ignore/block other users at your own discretion and report content if you believe that it is in violation of these guidelines - a member of staff will be notified promptly. We care about the safety and wellbeing of our users, and we strictly prohibit any abusive content. So if you've experienced bullying, harassment, or defamatory messages on our Community, please alert a member of staff by sending them a message (located in the task bar). We aim to have such issues resolved promptly.
  4. Top Ranking Users If you’ve risen the ranks and regularly contribute to Community in discussions and through creating posts and blogs, you may be invited to join our exclusive club for committed users. This means you can chat to other high ranking members and share your interests. The clubs you belong to are shown next to the main topics on the homepage. If you keep posting new topics, sharing new suggestions, and giving advice you could find yourself at the top of the leaderboard! We love to show off your amazing efforts, so members who are proactive at creating new content are featured here and in our monthly newsletter!
  5. “What’s new in the community?” We’re now keeping you up-to-date on top trending topics and advice through our monthly newsletter. This will include excerpts of conversations between users and mentors that we think are important, and we will give shout outs to useful suggestions/advice/tricks that people have shared. Not only will this help to inspire our community to start new conversations and seek advice, by promoting positive and helpful content, we also want to let our members know that they are important to us. If you’ve been given a good piece of advice from a fellow community user and you think that they should be showcased in our upcoming newsletter, please highlight their greatness by liking, sharing and commenting on topics. "Blog of the Month" We’re also introducing a “blog of the month”, which will be showcased in our newsletters. Our moderators will select their favourite blogs based on how helpful the blog was for other users. Opting out By setting up an account with Community you will automatically be opted in to receive our newsletter. If you don’t want to keep updated with our newsletter please untick the newsletter box in the notifications setting or opt out by 'unfollowing' emails. This will be located at the bottom of the email notification.
  6. Post Notifications Whenever somebody interacts with you or your content on community, or when you receive a new badge or rank, you can choose to receive notifications. You can easily configure how you'd like to receive notifications; some people prefer to just have notifications show when they are logged into community, whilst others like to receive email or pop up notifications on their smartphone when somebody replies to their posts so that they don't forget. You can customise and change these settings at any time. To do this, simply click on 'Notification Settings' in your Account Settings hub. You can then customise how you'd like to receive notifications for different alerts.
  7. Points, Ranks and Badges We’ve introduced points, badges and ranks as a fun way to start discussions and get posting with tips, advice and questions. Your badges and ranks can be found at the top of your profile page and in the drop down box underneath your username. Points and Ranks With 14 ranks to win (from Lurker to Unicorn ), you can gain points by participating in Community discussions, asking questions, writing blogs, starting new topics, and giving advice - the more points you win, the more ranks you rise! These are also a good way for our digital mentors to tell the difference between new members versus users who are super active (who can win a spot on our leaderboard!) Ranks are shown in the drop down box next to your username in the right hand corner, where it will also say how many more points are needed for your next rank. Ranks are also displayed on your profile and below your username in all of your posts, so other users can see how hard you’ve been working to gain all those points. Badges Like ranks, badges are based on your activity in the community and are also gained for posting content, creating blogs and starting discussions with other users. Whenever you receive a badge you’ll receive a notification and it’ll show on your profile. For a sneak peak of some of the badges you can gain, click here. We’re working on some special edition badges so stay tuned!
  8. Who are the DT support mentors? In order to keep you safe and ensure that you can quickly recognise who an account belongs to, we have user badges for verified DTL accounts. This badge is for staff members who aren’t trained mentors. This includes developers and content creators to community management and moderation. They monitor Community and make note of any feedback users make, so if you have any ideas on how we can improve our Community, flag it with one of our staff members. Comments and posts made by a Staff Member will have a colourful border in order to make their posts distinguishable. These users are fully trained to offer advice and support and will be the ones most likely responding to your support requests and any threads that require advice and support. Comments and posts made by a Digital Mentor will have a colourful border in order to make their posts distinguishable. These users are voluntary moderators and are trained to help keep our community a safe and welcoming space for everybody. A warden is your first port of call if you’re worried about a piece of content or user on Community, or are struggling to use a feature. A Warden is not trained to provide specific advice and support, but they can help you use the community and features available. Wardens have a green username and a special Warden badge and signature. @Daisie is our first official Warden! How to spot a DTL staff member? All DTL staff members and official partners use these badges and colour coded titles. Our community is constantly moderated by our staff members, but if you require advice and support and your post has gone unnoticed please flag this with one of our staff members and they will be happy to help.
  9. Want professional, personal support? If you require support but don’t want to post on a public forum use this tool to start a private conversation with a member of our support staff. This tool is not designed to report urgent issues - please allow up to 48 hours for a response. To submit a new request simply click ‘new request’ on the right hand side of the page. Your requests will be kept separate to other posts so that you can see once the digital mentor has responded to your messages. Privacy/confidentiality promise: This is confidential and can only be accessed by you and Ditch the Label. In a situation where we think your safety is at risk we may alert the relevant authorities.
  10. Rating and Sharing Advice You have the option to let other users know that you’ve received some good advice by rating it with our 5 star system This also works when you’ve read a topic that you think others may be interested in. If you’ve found the topic helpful you can share it with contacts outside of the community by clicking the share button and choosing a platform to share it via your socials or email. Sensitive Topics and Trigger Warnings Posting about a sensitive subject and you think others could be triggered by it? We want to ensure that the community is a safe and comfortable space for everybody and we honestly love hearing your suggestions so much. We see our community as a work in progress and we are constantly growing and developing. We now have a Trigger Warning setting that allows you to highlight any words you think others may be sensitive to. Trigger words can be highlighted when creating content in posts, blogs and replies. Quick Exit You can now exit out of the site quickly by clicking 'leave' in the bottom right corner, or pressing esc on your keypad. This will automatically redirect you to your internet browser homepage. For more information on sensitive topics guidelines see community guidelines.
  11. Blog writing Ever thought about starting a blog? Well now you can in our community! To create a blog simply select ‘Blog’ > ‘Create a Blog’ (in the right hand corner). You must fill in all of the required information. Like creating posts, blogs are an opportunity to express your thoughts and share your stories but with more space to write! Our community loves reading about other users’ interests and experiences, so write as you feel and your blog will get tons of attention Not sure what to write about? Here’s some tips and blogging ideas: Start by introducing yourself. Have you learnt from a lived experience and want to share it with our community? Know your audience. The DTL community is a welcoming place and users are excited to read new content. Remember the community is for sharing advice and support about issues concerning young people. Make it personal. How do you deal with stress? What do you enjoy doing outside of school/college? Has something inspired you to start a new hobby? Check out the Ditch the Label website for inspiration! Creating Polls You can choose to start debates with the rest of our community using our poll feature. Similar to creating a post, click on ‘Create New Topic’ and select ‘Poll’ from the drop down box. You must include a Content Title (similar to post-writing), Poll title, question title, and of course, the questions. You have the option to allow users to select multiple choices. Get creative! What are the random questions you’ve been wanting to ask but didn’t know how to? Or do you fancy starting a debate over your favourite game? The world is your oyster
  12. 'Start New Topic' When you sign up or log in to our Community you will be directed to our forums page, choose a forum that interests you or describes your thoughts best. Once you’re in, select ‘Start New Topic’. Now you can write how you’re feeling, voice your worries and concerns, ask for advice, or introduce yourself for a general chat All threads must include a title. You can add ‘tags’ to your thread to ensure your topic gets matched with others that are similar. If you want to follow your thread and receive notifications once the replies start flowing in, select the ‘Follow Topic’ button in the bottom left corner. Not sure what to post? You are welcome to talk about any issues that are affecting you, in order to get advice and support. Browse through our community and see what others are talking about. This is an open, honest and welcoming community, and an opportunity to meet new people from around the world, but remember to stay anonymous and don’t share any personal information. Posting Replies and Quoting Other Users Joining the conversation is easy and once you’re logged in, you can post replies to all open threads on Community. To do so, simply scroll to the bottom of a thread and click the speech bubble to start writing your reply. You can alternatively click the ‘Reply to This Topic’ button at the top of the post to write your response. You may choose to quote replies posted by other users in your response, you can do so by clicking the quote button (shown with a quotation mark “) below the reply you want to quote. You can tag other users in your reply too, simply by posting @ followed by their username. For example, to tag Harper, you would use @Harper.
  13. How it all works There are various ways to express yourself and join the conversation here at Ditch the Label. Whether you have a specific support request or just want to talk about the things you're passionate about, we have the space for you. When you visit our forum homepage, you will notice that there are a range of different sections. These individual forum sections are in place to keep everything organised and to help you quickly find the right support and topics you’re most interested in talking about. Some of these forums are more geared towards support and others are for general conversation. Inside the forums are individual threads - think of these as a conversation started by a user. Inside the thread you will find an initial post and below, you will see replies from other members and Ditch the Label staff. Before creating a thread, we would encourage you to have a quick look to see if that conversation is already ongoing and if so, you may want to post a reply to the existing thread. Once you’re registered, you also have the ability to read, comment on and write your own blogs. These can be accessed by clicking the ‘Blogs’ link in the navigation bar. Blogs can include text, images and video. You may choose to write a blog for something that isn’t support focused and just a topic of interest to you. This could include sharing your latest art creation, blogging about your own story or even publishing your own creative writing. You can also leave comments at the bottom of other blogs Finally, if you would prefer to get confidential support without posting it publicly on the forums, you can do this by clicking ‘Confidential Support’ in the navigation bar. Our community is a fun, friendly and welcoming platform for you to ask questions, offer support to other users, and get involved with our facilitated discussions.
  14. Freedom of Expression and Abuse Our support community is a safe space for all users to express themselves and to talk about topics that are important to them on a judgement-free platform. We operate the strictest level of moderation in order to protect users and their protected characteristics; including but not limited to: Race Religion Sexuality Gender identity Disability Any content posted on our platform that is considered abusive or disrespectful towards other users and/or protected characteristics will be removed and may result in an account ban. Content that is considered to be bullying, harassing, intimidating or defamatory falls under this policy and is not allowed on our platform. Age Appropriateness and Prohibited Content Users are reminded that our platform is used by people from the age of 12 and are asked to consider the age appropriateness of content posted. Whilst we allow swear words, slang and frank conversation, we may choose to moderate such content from time-to-time to ensure that it remains appropriate. Content that is strictly not allowed includes, but is not limited to: Illegal content Pornography Abusive or threatening content Doxxing/personal information Spam Links to unapproved third parties Rumours, defamation and slander Content in violation of third party intellectual property rights Privacy and confidentiality The information you share with us in the public forum is publicly accessible. The information you share via our Confidential Support feature is confidential. Ditch the Label mentors will always maintain utmost confidentiality, unless we suspect that either you or somebody is at immediate risk of harm.
  15. Personalisation We encourage you to express yourself with your user profile. Here you can add more information about you, your hobbies and interests and set an avatar and cover photo that will appear on your public profile. Your avatar will also appear on your public profile, along with all of your public posts on community. To view and customise your profile, simply click your username in the top right corner of the page, on the drop down, click Profile. To add your profile picture, simply hover over your existing avatar and click the square icon in the bottom corner. A popup will appear and you can either upload an image from your device, or choose something from our stock gallery Adding your cover photo is the same process, but the button is located in the top right hand corner of your profile page. Remember to keep your photos anonymous and ensure they’re appropriate for our Community! Uploading prohibited content will be flagged by DTL staff and could result in warning, posting restrictions or a ban. For more information on age appropriateness and prohibited content view our community guidelines. We do permit public figures to use an image of themselves and their full name in our community, but these accounts must be verified by Ditch the Label. You can find out more about verified partner and staff accounts here.
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