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  1. SRH

    Friends ?

    I'm thinking we can still have a friendship but cannot live together. It sounds like we both agree. We have both found new places to live so I guess we'll stay in contact with each other
  2. SRH

    Friends ?

    I'm just tired and sad today, we've talked it out and it's all good now just sad it's come to this
  3. SRH

    Friends ?

    I feel calmer when at the beach, I've been trying to go for walks late afternoon when I get home from work along the river front /beach. I think i may stay with family for a few days hopefully I will feel better after I've had some space
  4. SRH

    Friends ?

    I'm just feeling a bit exhausted , stressed and uncomfortable in my environment at the moment. If you have any advice that would be great
  5. SRH

    Friends ?

    Thankyou, I appreciate the helpful link and your perspective of your he situation, I'll definitely try and speak to her to resolve the conflict.
  6. SRH

    Friends ?

    I think there are still a lot of emotions involved in the decision , I guess im a bit worried to start up the conversation again because I don't want to end up in an argument again .
  7. SRH

    Friends ?

    To be completely honest I don't think it's worth resolving, she said in a heated moment that even before we moved in she didn't think of us as friends and knew we were too different to become good friends. She finds everything I'm saying passive and or aggressive, I've changed how I speak to her so it sounds more friendly but it hasn't changed how she reacts. Does it sound like I'm just giving up and not trying , am I overreacting ?
  8. SRH

    Friends ?

    I think it's because every time we've spoken the way that my housemate replies sounds quite blameful which makes me think I've just got a terrible personality and it's my fault for the arguments .
  9. SRH

    Friends ?

    Hi guys I'm new here , I honestly think I'm going insane or im a complete bitch. My current housemate has recently told me that there's a lot of things I say that she finds passive or aggressive. We had a big fight the other day where she started by saying that im passive she then went on to tell me that there is something wrong and she can tell because she lives with me ( nothing was wrong, I had worked every day friday -friday and was tired ) I did tell her this and she kept picking at the issue. I snapped and yelled at her and she yelled at me, long story short we're moving into seperate houses. I'm feeling like I actually am the bitch and I'm the reason for all this happening.
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