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  1. Personally, I am a 4w5 This test (https://9types.com/rheti/index.php)is a good start to see where you fall (for free!), and this website (https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/) can help you understand exactly what those numbers mean.
  2. You're right - people are free to choose their friends. That said, the things that you're feeling are completely legitimate and valid;l I can't say I wouldn't feel jealous and betrayed if my best friend started hanging out with my 28 year-old brother without me. If you think it's beneficial, I'd recommend just being honest, and having a heart-to-heart chat with your cousin and your friend your feelings about being left-out. I'm sorry you're stuck in the middle of this, and I hope that you can find a positive resolution soon.
  3. Hi friends, it's great to be here! I'm Jaime, but you can call me Rose if you'd like. I'm 18, and will be moving to a new city next month to pursue my education and career goals. More pertinent to this website, I am non-binary and gay (nblm), and I use they/them pronouns. I also strongly suspect that I have autism and ADHD, though this is all pending diagnosis (never allowed to get tested as a kid, rip lmao) As it pertains to my interests, music is really my biggest thing. I'm a semi-professional keyboardist, and have been playing for over a decade and gigging on a consistent basis for the past three years (with a pretty substantial break 'cause... y'know...). Outside of that, I'm a student-pilot, and an avid fan of retro tech, particularly music tech! In the meantime between now and college, I've been filling up my time with DoorDash (oh, the stories I could tell...) and songwriting! And, for anyone that cares about that kind of stuff, I'm an INFP-T, and a 4w5 on the enneagram. (also, if anyone thinks that my name seems familiar from another LGBTQ+ website, yes, I am that Jaime ) Anyway, it's nice to meet y'all!
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