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  1. aww thanks! I'm sure my style really inst that cool, but I can tell you what I know :))
  2. hi! I dress masc but would love to go more feminine we can swap tips for how to dress as we want to if you want? I've been learning to dress more feminine but still pass as male so I dont get homophobic/tranphobic comments while I'm still kinda not out
  3. Therapy is going alright, I didnt have any this week cause she's on holiday, but its been very helpful
  4. I'm a little nervous about it all, but I'm excited. I talked to my mum yesterday about coming out, we've decided on the 13th, but my dad will still be in hospital then so maybe not. We'll tell the closer family and theres some family I can ask to tell everyone else, because I cant be bothered to tell all my far away conservative family members, I'll leave that for someone else
  5. I think I'll start on youtube by myself, but if I find somewhere to do it with someone who knows what they're doing I'd definitely take the opportunity
  6. My new name is Echo I'm gonna go shopping on saturday with my sister, I'm gonna start training my voice soon, not sure when though, and the name change is coming on the 13th I think
  7. I think that my new name is the next big step, and pronouns, and then changing the way I present, clothes and makeup and stuff. That'll be really nice to do, I think
  8. I'd freeze reproductive stuff for sure, I think I'd want to just incase. I think there is a few ways I can prove to them that I am super uncomfy and this is what I need, if they find out all the stuff I own to help me feel more like what I want to look like, that'll help. Theres a few things. I also need to do a lot more social transitioning, which is scary but exciting
  9. As long as they wont like, constantly make fun of you then I say go for it. But you should be the judge, dont do anything that'll be too bad. I prefer skinnier black jeans, like, not skinny jeans but fitted, you know? But I think thats cause they make MY body look more andro, not necessarily everyone's though woahhh that piercing is cool! Which part is that? Is it the middle bit of your nose? I've been playing a lot of guitar, I'm trying to really do more towards living as a full non binary person so I can start hormones and stuff, so thats cool I guess :))
  10. They want to know that it isn't going to damage me permanently I think. And the changes, for sure a lot are permanent, so they need convincing that its what I for sure definitely want. I think if they found out that it doesnt damage fertility permanently for a good few years, and if we talked about freezing reproductive stuff, that would help, and if they found out quite how unhappy I am with the way I look, and quite how much I know that there are some ways I want to look and that I know what I want to look like and that this is the way to go, that would all really help. And I think I've got stuff in place now that'll help convince them of all that
  11. College is starting soon and my parents want me to settle in before I start hormones because of how big a thing it is. They also aren't keen on me taking hormones at all right now, because they think I'm not mature enough to make that decision, but if I wait till I'm 20 or 25 the changes will be much less significant, so starting now is much better. The leader at the group is helping me convince them though, which is good Changing my name and pronouns online has been great, its let me make sure I like the name and pronouns so I know that when I start in person it'll feel nice
  12. I've been questioning it for a long while, there were signs early in my life when I look back, but I only really realised it was gender about 2 and a half years ago. I questioned whether I was a girl or non binary, and set on non binary 2 years ago. I've been slowly transitioning since then, using my new name and pronouns online for over a year, using they/them in some safer social situations, and recently I've been dressing more andro/feminine, trying makeup and so on. I got into that LGBT group which is helping refer me to GIDS. I probably wont get into it before I'm 18, but they'll honour the time I've been waiting when they move me to the adult waiting list so I should get on ASAP. Once I start college and settle in, my parents have said I can go private, start feminising hormones which will sort out my figure somewhat, and just generally make me look more like how I look in my head. Which is really exciting. But even still, I'm nowhere near what I want to be and that is really uncomfortable, I guess
  13. whats a pixie cut? I think its what I'm trying to get, but I'm not sure if its what its what I want or not. How bad would a family reaction be? As long as you're safe, they'd probably get used to it within a couple weeks. funky button ups look so cool, I have a lot but I could keep buying them over and over. Black jeans as well, I highly highly recommend, they are the most andro things I own, I love them so so so so much
  14. Thank you! I mean, gender is always a wild one, but I'm getting all the support I can get for that, I think at least
  15. I'm feeling pretty okay now :)) We'll probably find out a week or two after. But this is probably one from before, that they thought they got rid of, but here it is, so even if we think its gone it could come back But hopefully some time in the middle of august we'll find out its gone, and it'll never come back
  16. night! see you tomorrow!!!
  17. I'm sorry for your loss
  18. R.I.P Lottie, Raffles and Pepper. Can we have a minutes silence please?
  19. same lol, but when I made it I decided it was my summer one
  20. Mine is my spring/summer one at the moment, I like it, but come autumn it'll need replacing you should do a halloween one!! twould be very cool
  21. I might have to give it a shot, maybe my autumn pfp on TS? Also oh no, you've found me!!
  22. Who knows at this point. This will be the last one for this cancer, but he's had 4, 3 in the last 2 years, so I wouldnt be suprised if another pops up and he needs more surgery. But in theory, this is the last one and it'll get rid of the cancer
  23. what about you?
  24. I like water, it just seems pretty fun and chill compared to all the others
  25. I've had long and short hair, but anything in the middle tends to look pretty andro! Pixie cuts looks awesome, I'm sure you'd look great I really want to try mom jeans they look super comfy and nice. Whats a tea shirt? I have a bunch of button ups with fancy patterns, and the slightly fitted ones look SUPER andro its great
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