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  1. Im not sure, but i think its mostly my family.
  2. Hi Blondie, Thankyou for asking but I'm safe right now. Things just seem to get worse everyday and im scared one day i might give in and actually try to take my own life.
  3. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Suicide
  4. Cherophobic


    Hi, I'm not really good at introductions (or anything in particular) so im sorry if you are reading this mess. I'm new here ; I joined today. I like art, calligraphy and watercolour and acrylic painting. I'm a kpop fan. I can be somewhat pessimsitic at times and sorta depressing. I'm socially awkward and have zero social intelligence. i would love to be your friend?
  5. Some of the things you listed above relate to me too, but because i grew up thinking it was normal, i got mad at myself and felt guilty for being mad at them for it. I felt ungrateful and hated myself , like at least i wasn't severely abused. It's gets confusing sometimes and very.. I dont know. Does this make sense? im writing this very haphazardly sorry.
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