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  1. Well, a few days have passed, so much has happened Scout camp though, thats the thing for right now It was so fun. I've missed being on camp so so much. All the scouts slept in stormhaven and icelandic tents, they were all 30 or 10 years old. They all look like this: ahhhh they are so so fun to put up and sleep in and I love them, they are my favourite tents ever. Me and my non binary friend slept in a vango 4 man, and the other two YLs slept in a cheap 4 man as well. Theres too much to document it all, but there were some notable moments. To understand it all, I'm a YL, young leader, so I had some authority on camp but I'm not old enough to be a full leader. The water fight! I wasnt specifically in charge, but I was the only leader person there. So I had to look after the kids. I left to go get a drink and apply sun cream cause it was HOT, and as I walked back down I met one of the kids walking back up in too much pain to speak. some kids had yanked his arm, to pull him out of a paddling pool, and had almost dislocated his shoulder. Its kinda my fault. But kinda not. He was fine within a few hours, it was alright in the end. The hike! We set up another YL with a fake injury, a compound fracture. Thats when a bone is broken and sticking out the leg and is very bad. Alas, everyone thought he was faking, cause he was, but it was really really funny. Really funny. Those are the main stories, but on the whole, it was so fun, I loved all of it, gah, it was great. I missed camp.
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